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  1. Chas1

    Setting charge points to precondition battery

    I have owned my Taycan for three months and generally found selecting chargers en route works ok in the nav app. However I have a few questions: Where can I find the battery temperature? Can you preheat the battery manually whilst driving? What is the optimum battery temp for charging? If...
  2. Chas1

    Does anyone actually use launch control?

    No, pointless. (Along with thousands of drag races on you to be etc.)
  3. Chas1

    2 years 5 months and 26000 miles later - sharing thoughts

    Nice review and glad you stopped lurking. I have a very similar philosophy. RWD but with Battery plus which is important for me. As a daily driver, range is absolutely fine, with fast charging for 20 mins only on longer journeys so far without a hitch. I purchased an ex-demo car (no wait...
  4. Chas1

    Ceramic Coating is it worth £1,000 ?

    Please can you tell me who did this for you?
  5. Chas1

    Tesla Price Drop

    That’s exactly how I feel, years of being a petrol head and I enjoy classics but a fossil fuelled vehicle as a daily driver feels like a backward step, not to do with climate change per se, but certainly for cleaner emissions but really just because they feel like better vehicles and Taycan...
  6. Chas1

    Catching the falling knife...

    I made the decision to ignore depreciation, it’s a cost but it’s a great car, you’ve alrady taken a massive slice off the original purchase price if you can afford it crack on. If depreciation even so worries you, keep the car for 10 years and it won’t matter.
  7. Chas1

    20K Mile Service Completed. Breakdown of Items Performed & Cost

    Apart from tyres, $3600 for 100,000 miles in a Porsche is a relative bargain.
  8. Chas1

    Tesla Price Drop

    I don’t mind Tesla Model S but in UK it’s not a consideration. I need a hatch back, Model Y ? Too like an egg imo, what else compares to the Taycan? Mercedes EQS may be but never been a fan of the current design aesthetic. Taycan chooses itself really. One other thing that for me returning...
  9. Chas1

    Tesla Price Drop

    Interesting I’ve had people wandering around on several occasions, ‘oh it’s a Porsche’ - and in uk EV’s have a green flash on left side of number plate - so comments are then ‘oh it’s electric too’. Overwhelmingly positive reactions.
  10. Chas1

    Extended Warranty - worth it?

    Thats interesting when did the three year warranty begin?
  11. Chas1

    Hidden PCM Options Using Search

    But can I Turn it off permanently on sports plus too? (IMO it is dreadful)
  12. Chas1

    Road Damage = $50K Battery Repair

    That’s really essential if EV’s are to have a future. Doesn’t bode well for Tesla’s structural battery pack and makes me wonder if this falls foul of the EU/UK ‘Right to repair’ law. Surely a component that represents 50% of the base car cost needs to be repairable?
  13. Chas1

    MAMBA GREEN Taycan Club

    Yes but really wanted the smaller size
  14. Chas1

    Anyone going back to a Tesla?

    What wheels/tyres are you running?
  15. Chas1

    Please help me with the interior color for ice grey gts

    I would seriously consider the Racetex (alcantara) as per GTS with red stitching. It breaks up the black.
  16. Chas1

    Coming from Tesla to Taycan, but worried about charging on road trips.

    I have regularly travelled 300 and 600 mile round trips away from home and it's really just a question of planning your trip. My trips are to the same locations and so I have familiar charging stops. My preferences are Gridserve, Ionity, Shell and BP pulse (no apps needed just tap and charge)...
  17. Chas1

    All season tyres or winter tyres and new set of alloys?

    It is a strange decision by Porsche to delete Mamba green (my choice too) and popular on Taycan no longer available even on PTS. Please could you let me know which all Season tyres do run in winter?
  18. Chas1

    All season tyres or winter tyres and new set of alloys?

    very nice wheels. Do you have 21” in the summer. I’m quite a fan of a deeper tyre wall for looks and ride, I’m considering 20” instead of 21” but my rwd feels pretty well balance with the fat 21’s. I’m definitely looking for a set of winter wheels and tyres and looking at 19’s or 20”. Any...
  19. Chas1

    Life's too short...

    Do you have a Burmester system in your Taycan? For me Music is important and a day without listening to music is a day wasted. I’ve no experience of high end sound systems but think the Bose system is pretty good in the Taycan. Heading out in the Taycan and listening to music has already...
  20. Chas1

    Is my battery performance battery plus or not?

    And with 19" wheels.