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  1. bj33813

    What option is this?

    Yep, a metallic red color. It did match beautifully tho have to say. I suppose if he had tried to patch a scratch or ding, it might not have looked so good, but as it was a separate piece of trim, it blended well. Had he done it to match just the portion that the TTS has colored, I would never...
  2. bj33813

    20K Mile Service Completed. Breakdown of Items Performed & Cost

    o_O Think I will skip the dealer and do it myself, or find another non-dealer shop that can verify services done. Right to repair seems good here.
  3. bj33813

    What option is this?

    Pawel: Had the painting done locally, but I did see another that had been done with a spray can & it looked pretty good surprisingly.
  4. bj33813

    What option is this?

    On the other hand, you could just paint it and get that gap in the center too!
  5. bj33813

    RWD Taycan is so fun to drive. A cinematic mountain driving film

    Nice to see a post where someone says they can live with the Taycans problems. Thank you!
  6. bj33813

    Charging Issue

    I had the same issue, and a 2 finger reboot cleared it. Seems my NAV had a destination that was close to where the car was at the time, so it thought it had completed it's journey. I had neglected to turn off the NAV.
  7. bj33813

    Black Screen Of Death?

    I always keep my 2 fingers together, no spacing, and it works for me.
  8. bj33813

    Which song on that first drive home?

    Joe Bonamassa "Drive" Put on an old blues song and drive.
  9. bj33813

    Is there a doctor in the house?

    LOL, been there, done that. I imagine it would be even worse as a passenger. Guess I could never be Top Gun.
  10. bj33813

    Pollen/cabin filter location

    Boy they sure make it hard to insert the danged filter. I think the curve makes it difficult, but it finally went in. Lets see, that's about $400 off the dealers install price right lol?
  11. bj33813

    I am just unlucky, or is this a common theme?

    As a former Corvette owner, I got used to the Corvette wave, but sadly not with the Taycan. But I do get waves from the Corvettes still when I wave at them!
  12. bj33813

    I smashed my Taycan front end and repaired it myself

    Nice to see someone who can do their own repairs. I'll bet that rabbit was the same one who attacked Jimmy Carter!
  13. bj33813

    The 18 way seats are killing me!

    Well I blindly ordered just the standard 8 way seats, and they have no bolster support whatsoever, so a long trip just KILLS my back, and a pillow hasn't helped. Good thing I need to stop to recharge every 2 to 3 hours. Shorter trips not a problem at all.
  14. bj33813

    Will a NEMA 14-50 plug handle 10kw?

    I was looking past the obvious. Found a range cord with the 4 wire plug rated at 50 amps, using 6 AWG wiring at Home Depot, so should carry just fine. Thanks for the response! daveo4EV: Yes I do! Read all your posts. I found it interesting when testing the Tesla unit at default 48 amps until I...
  15. bj33813

    Will a NEMA 14-50 plug handle 10kw?

    Bought a Tesla Gen 3 wall charger with the universal J-1772 connector instead of tesla connector & had planned to hardwire, but then 2nd thought if it ever goes bad, I want to be able to use the Porsche evse using the 14-50 plug. It's on a 50 amp breaker , using #6AWG. But in looking at...
  16. bj33813

    Lectron V-BOX 40A EVSE

    So you would buy it again?
  17. bj33813

    2-year service/maintenance

    How did you access the cabin filter? I poked around and cannot find it.
  18. bj33813

    Charging Error At 82%

    I had a similar problem that was solved by doing a 2 fingered reset. Seems I had not shut down NAV properly so the pc assumed I was already there.