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  1. JustWatching

    PPF wrap - essential?

    I didn't do it. I wish I had. Planning on doing it now but it is now more work. If you care about chips, do it.
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    Front license plate states

    Yes StoNSho. And yes, EzPass toll tag. EzPass windshield tag is an ugly white piece of plastic so I prefer not having to see it.
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    Front license plate states

    I have it on a sedan. It is maybe an inch lower than the car
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    2 years 5 months and 26000 miles later - sharing thoughts

    My wife just gave up her beloved Q7 and got a Q8 e-tron. No need for 3 rows anymore, wanted an SUV, really likes how the smaller Q8 drives. Audi did a nice job with the Q8, range gets up to 300 or very close to it, plenty there, loving not having to stop at a gas station, interface is pretty...
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    Is it easy to charge at Electrify America charging station?

    I have used the EB location twice, although last time was sometime in May. Went to look in the app and all my charging history is gone…will need to figure out later. It’s a 160 mile drive for me so I’m assuming I got there with ~25% battery. I usually charge to 80-85% and never more than 30...
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    Driving Assistance - Where is Traffic Jam assist?

    This looks all correct. Auto Steering definitely happens during Traffic Jam. What I can't remember is how often it tells you to keep your hands on the steering wheel. It definitely does it at high speeds but maybe less often or not at all at lower speeds. I would set speed to something like...
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    September OTA Update Coming

    I am very open to OTAs. Usually a fast follower on updates... e.g. new iOS update, wait maybe a day or two after release to make sure no major issue is happening. If it does turn out that this update is the "calendar update" that others a referencing that is pretty lame and a non event...
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    September OTA Update Coming

    Last time the update came about 5 days after the email so I guess we'll find out soon enough. SPECULATION / I'M GUESSING / I HAVE NO INSIDE INFORMATION: The update is related to how the Taycan's regen/friction brake interaction works. Which got me we really want OTA for things...
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    Driving Assistance - Where is Traffic Jam assist?

    I have PID. I used it on the Mass Turnpike in stop and go traffic for a few months. Not doing that commute anymore. It worked well. Definitely stays in the lane, stops and starts. If you come to a full stop for less than 15 seconds I will restart on its own, if it is more you will need to tap...
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    When do you plug your Charger in?

    I have a Chargepoint Home with a schedule to charge after 9pm and stop at 3pm to get the utility rebates. No timers in the Taycan just a general profile set at 85%. I plug in before 9pm. Taycan starts charging at 9pm. I don't get any errors.
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    Warranty on the Porsche charger?

    Taking advantage of the discussion. I am looking to upgrade my outlet. I used the Porsche EVSE for a year. No issues with it but knowing I eventually would have issues, preparing for my wife getting an EV and my utility giving a $500 rebate, I installed a Chargepoint. Now that we are going to...
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    Feeling Nauseous?

    I get motion sickness pretty easily. My test drive of the Taycan was at a Porsche event at a track. I got super dizzy the first time I drove it. I am not sure why but I get a feeling that for someone that has propensity to motion sickness, the lack of sound associated with accelerating and...
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    Charging malfunction

    Respectfully, please read the thread @Tooney directed you to. @Administrator please lock this thread. There is plenty of discussion on this topic.
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    Interested in an unofficial Apple Watch app?

    Log looks great. One suggestion, I think… you are rounding the mi/kWh? One decimal point would be great if possible
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    Front License Plate Holder-US

    Sto n sho makes one specifically for the Taycan. It replaces a couple of existing screws, goes to the side, does not block any sensors.
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    OTA Software Update (July 17, 2023)!

    Initiate, turn off car, get out, lock the car, wait 15 mins to be safe you should get a message when you get back in that update was successful
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    WNW2 Update: Just a tease so far. Have others been able to download it?

    See OTA thread. Yes, some of us have been able to download and install, no issues. Goes something like this: Click on Download. You will see a message "Preparing..." You will then get a message to "Exit vehicle" Turn off car, get out and lock the car. Wait 15 minutes (to be safe) Come back in.
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    OTA Software Update (July 17, 2023)!

    US Based, just now Not home, so not trying it now
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    OTA Software Update (July 17, 2023)!

    I watched the step 723... it tells you to start the installation, exit the vehicle and lock the vehicle...and once the update it is complete you can start your car do you know it is done if you can't enter the vehicle? App will let you know?