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  1. RingoDingo

    My first HPDE at Circuit of the Americas in Taycan 4S

    This was my first HPDE, which was put on by Porsche Club - Hill Country and Porsche Club - Maverick - taking place over 2 days (yesterday and today) at Circuit of the Americas. All were invited as they're not exclusive to PCA, so there were a good number of BMWs, McLarens, Corvettes, a Lotus...
  2. RingoDingo

    Porsche Unseen at SXSW

    Was just over at the Porsche SXSW display for this year, and they had a very interesting Taycan VR simulator that supposedly measured your vital signs relative to the audio stimulus provided. It was a full Taycan setup as far as drivers and passenger seats with fake accelerator and brake pedal...
  3. RingoDingo

    How to save HVAC settings

    For whatever reason no matter what I do to the seat ventilation fan setting or the air recirculation settings, they revert back to their default settings whenever I turn the car off. Does anyone know how to save them permanently? For example, the A/C temp stays consistent no matter what, but...
  4. RingoDingo

    Side Bolsters

    Was looking at this picture on the MyPorsche page, and the first thing I thought was: "Who is this monster and what must be doing to those side bolsters? Those creases will never come out. "
  5. RingoDingo

    Standard Interior - Bolster wear?

    Apologies if this has been covered, but I did a search and didn't see anything. I have the standard interior, which has pleather on the outer parts of the seat bolsters. It looks fine, feels fine, I don't hate it. I'm wondering if anyone who has the standard interior can weigh in on how those...
  6. RingoDingo

    SXSW - Porsche Unseen

    A couple of photos from the SXSW exhibit here in Austin (open to the public).
  7. RingoDingo

    March 4S deliveries

    Had an early December lock date and delivery is scheduled for early March ; build should be done next week - but I haven’t heard a single thing from Porsche corporate (as opposed to my local dealer). I was told I should expect a bunch of emails, but nothing so far. SA hasn’t responded to my...