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    Sick.. scratch

    This seems to be more common in Europe than in the US. What is the reason for this? Is it a general dislike for the wealthy?

    Lucid Sapphire by Savage Geese

    It’s a long video, if you are unable/unwilling to view all of it, I would highly recommend two sections: - Torque vectoring & calibration - great for us technical geeks - Silverback Jack - fun for everyone

    Heating Failure

    It is my hope that Porsche would do the right thing and do a voluntary retrofit as opposed to waiting for the 1st Gen units to fail. They seem to fail during the most extreme conditions. Not good for your first EV. Again - Porsche if you are listening……

    P Button defective

    That one is novel for sure. Does it repeat?

    2022 Taycan CT 4S - 10 months & 10,000 Miles

    Keep in mind my average speed. My car is primarily used around town for kid duty. Lots of stop and go…where EVs excel. If you do more highway miles, it would be different.

    2022 Taycan CT 4S - 10 months & 10,000 Miles

    I dont charge to 100% often…cant recall the last time and what it said. Recently, hitting an 85% charge gets me to 245 miles on the guess-o-meter which is fairly accurate. So far, the spring has been the “jackpot” for me in terms of efficiency/range. Haven’t owned the car in the fall...

    2022 Taycan CT 4S - 10 months & 10,000 Miles

    My 3.5 average aligns with what I have seen over time. At certain temps, I do better than 3.5 and worse at other temps.

    Real Range of Taycan

    My 2022 CT4S has averaged 3.5 miles/kwh over 10,000 miles (winter to summer). With an 83 kwh net battery, that works about to an average of 290 miles of range with the 21” wheels.

    2022 Taycan CT 4S - 10 months & 10,000 Miles

    Range has been good…but not quite that good 🙂
  10. RAHRCR

    2022 Taycan CT 4S - 10 months & 10,000 Miles

    As the odometer recently hit 5 digits, I reflected on my experience thus far. I must say that it’s been very good. A few interior noises that I have yet to take it in for and a strange beep sometimes when the back hatch fully opens. The driving has been excellent blend of comfort and...
  11. RAHRCR

    Taycan screen durability

    PPF not needed for most. A light duty interior cleaner and a soft cloth will keep things in new condition. Be careful of using a microfiber only (dry). This is a notorious in the detail community for causing fine scratches…which add up over time.
  12. RAHRCR

    Turbo S, Breakdown within the first 24hours of collecting the car

    Sucks to have an early experience malfunction. The Taycan suspension is entirely derivative (mostly from the Panamera) so any issue here would not be novel to the average Porsche tech. You should be back in business without much head scratching. Good luck đź‘Ť
  13. RAHRCR

    Replaced road damaged plastic on underside of CT

    Life is short….just a reminder to use jack stands folks. Be safe out there 👍
  14. RAHRCR

    Taycan Turbo GT new look

    This .2 version of the Taycan appears to have lost the battle between the designers that develop the beautiful lines of the car vs the engineers responsible for wind tunnel testing. It’s a step backward in terms of the Porsche ethos.
  15. RAHRCR

    A new world record for Porsche Taycan: altitude

    There are quite a few folks looking for a deal on a used Taycan. This one could be an option….although it may not qualify for CPO.
  16. RAHRCR

    PPF wrap - essential?

    In my view, it’s generally not worth it if the intent is to recover the cost of the service later. It’s cheaper to do some touch-ups and a detail before selling it on. I went to the extreme but I was willing to toss financial logic aside.
  17. RAHRCR

    PPF wrap - essential?

    PPF essential for preventing typical rock chip damage. Ceramic essential for chemical resistance and a great user experience in washing the car. (Btw, you can get similar results with spray on coatings) If neither of these are important to you, then not essential.
  18. RAHRCR

    Taycan Wrap -- experiences / feedback?

    I like the blue color but I would be constantly triggered by seeing the OEM color every time I got in or out of the vehicle.
  19. RAHRCR

    Door dings removal using Porsche protection plan ?

    I am surprised that they would only cover $100. This would only apply to the very simplest of door dings. Seems strange.