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  1. TXSchnee

    Article: Automakers fed up with EA, driving the change to Tesla and NACS

    Saw this referenced over on The Autopian, and it is indeed an interesting article on how fed up, in general, other automakers are with EA. Part 1 released yesterday, 2 today, 3 and 4 to follow...
  2. TXSchnee

    Car transport service

    Any recommendations for a car transport service (fully enclosed would be ideal) to use in TX? Going to need to ship my Taycan CT 4S up to the Twin Cities (straight up I35) soonish and would appreciate any company names you have used and trust.
  3. TXSchnee

    Auto dimming rearview mirror?

    My CT 4S should have come standard with an auto dimming rearview mirror (US). The side mirrors have this function, however the interior mirror doesn’t seem to dim at all. There is no lever to manually dim the mirror either, which it should have if the auto dim wasn’t included. So, did Porsche...
  4. TXSchnee

    TYD accuracy?

    How accurate was TYD (US) once the build locks? My freeze point was reached yesterday, and estimated delivery is late February '23.
  5. TXSchnee

    Power charge port freezing shut in icy weather?

    Hi all, in TX now, but moving back to MN in about 2 years. I currently have the Power Charge Port optioned, but was wondering if anyone has had issues with them freezing shut in the winter? I personally spec'd them mostly for appearance, so if I need to remove them from my build it won't be a...