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  1. Matt-Taycan

    16 months, 5 days later... Taycan GTS ST. Volcano Grey delivered

    I understand the rule is that without pics, it never happened? Here they are :) and a few thoughts 48 hours into ownership... (in no particular order) It's LOW! may have already scraped the underside front wheel deflectors a couple of times. And in scenarios where I never imagined I would...
  2. Matt-Taycan

    Don't Insert Sexist Bad Drivers Joke Here... Taycan Crashes Into (and Under) Parked Macan

    Someone had a bad day!?! or they have the new Macan Roof Box... This is painful to even look at 😢 Taycan Parks UNDER Macan Porsche Taycan Crashing Into Parked Macan Is An Expensive Collision
  3. Matt-Taycan

    The Brabus take on the Taycan Turbo S

    I suppose It was only a matter of time...
  4. Matt-Taycan

    The National Grid needs you

    EV users to be incentivised to put energy back into the Grid at peak times from their car batteries. A WHOPPING 15p per Kilowatt Hour on offer ? READ TELEGRAPH ARTICLE Sign me up. Tycan 2.0 paid for in no time