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  1. tigerbalm

    Passenger display screen retrofit install / swap?

    I would like to cut off the rear two doors and seats to make my Taycan like the upcoming 718. Will this be easy?
  2. tigerbalm

    Trip logger/maps?

    I believe TRONITY used to go through a third party provider for access to the Porsche APIs – but it is now an officially supported app via Porsche OAuth – so they appear to be calling the official APIs directly. I used to use them – but found it inaccurate enough – that it just annoyed me. I...
  3. tigerbalm

    Trip logger/maps?

    The position of the vehicle is available via the Porsche API – (see my library for an example: Therefore, if you want to plot a route, you just have to keep polling the API at an interval that is appropriate.
  4. tigerbalm

    Porsche NFT, anyone?

    As a general rule, I replace the word "blockchain" with the word "database" in my mind and then re-read the hype to see if it is still "impressive".
  5. tigerbalm

    Passenger display screen retrofit install / swap? ^ If these don't have a retrofit solution – it probably isn't possible. They are among the most ambitious when it comes to retrofitting options onto Porsche vehicles.
  6. tigerbalm

    Taycan to Switzerland & Austria

    Charging Log We charged a total 27 times – 14 times at IONITY and got 7 destination charges at hotels or nearby car parks. We used a total of 1,240 kWh (1.2 MWh) of electricity over the 5,422 km trip for a total cost of €356.66 or €6.57/100 km (which includes VAT/sales taxes). At no...
  7. tigerbalm

    What's with all the Notifications

    BING! The map has been updated! BING! (also, now that the map has been updated – let's also replan the route and have you stop off at the broken 50 kW charger behind the disused petrol station that will get you murdered).
  8. tigerbalm

    Charge planner / navigation, ONLY IONITY

    I agree. The way I do it today, is plan out the route on ABRP and then transcribe that route into My Porsche, making sure to search (using the charging filter) for the IONITY stops I want to use and then...
  9. tigerbalm

    Taycan Facelift spotted estimated >100kwh usable battery and 300 kw charging

    More charging stations, not bigger batteries. And we're already well on the way.
  10. tigerbalm

    Four New IONITY Sites Begin Construction In UK

    Nice to see this "petrol pump" layout taking hold too.
  11. tigerbalm

    OEM RETROFIT Solar Panel for Glass Roof Coming

    Question from Ireland: What is this "sun" you speak of ?
  12. tigerbalm

    2500 km to Finland (and back)

    You are very kind in your comments. Additionally, number of charging stalls does not appear to influence routing decisions enough. A 6 stall 150 kW Kempower station should be preferred over a single 300 kW charging location. You are much more likely to not face a queue, handle a broken...
  13. tigerbalm

    2500 km to Finland (and back)

    I remember charing in ‎⁨Kilpisjärvi⁩ – a fairly remote location in Lapland, Finland – and they did have this excellent 300 kW charger. But if it didn't work – we would have been in a tricky situation.
  14. tigerbalm

    2500 km to Finland (and back)

    Don't look at me :) It is definitely of questionable quality – and I think – at least in the initial years of Taycan – there was a rush to get to a big "marketable number" of over 100,000 charing points in to the Porsche Charging Service – regardless of the quality. I think this could be...
  15. tigerbalm

    Taycan to Switzerland & Austria

    Sports sound.
  16. tigerbalm

    Taycan to Switzerland & Austria

    That's all folks! Thank you for following along on this 5,422 km road-trip. We really enjoyed ourselves – were fortunate to have had remarkable weather. All our plans worked out perfectly and at no stage was having an EV any kind of hassle or limiting factor at all. In fact, the opposite: we...
  17. tigerbalm

    Taycan to Switzerland & Austria

    Day 15: Harwich (United Kingdom) -> Dublin (Ireland) After yet another mirror smooth crossing – we arrive into Harwich in the United Kingdom ahead of time at the ungodly hour of 05:30 (5:30am). Though they allow the trucks off first – so it will be closer to 06:30 (6:30am) before we'll...
  18. tigerbalm

    Taycan to Switzerland & Austria

    Day 14: Leipzig (Germany) –> Hook of Holland (Netherlands) After breakfast, we pack up our car and leave our Leipzig hotel on a bright September morning. Driving across the city centre – with its many tram lines and bus lanes. We've a real transit day today – and a deadline of making a...
  19. tigerbalm

    Taycan to Switzerland & Austria

    The only charging queue of the entire road trip is our last one: IONITY Stafford.
  20. tigerbalm

    Taycan to Switzerland & Austria

    Nice morning for a long leg!