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  1. TXSchnee

    Rocketing Insurance for Electric Cars

    Insurance prices are increasing drastically to keep up with repair prices. When my '18 BMW X3 was hit last year (front right fender, tire, and front bumper) the repair costs were a bit over $20,000 (USD). New LED headlight itself was $5500 of that, plus sensors and the radar for ACC...
  2. TXSchnee

    Why do people want SUVs rather than estate cars?

    I have seen new Jeep Grand Wagoneers with the wood panels, so I suppose you can have one that way if you wanted to pay for it. Funnily enough, my Dad had a gigantic 1976 Ford Country Squire when I was young (late 70's early 80's) and it did indeed have the fake wood paneling.
  3. TXSchnee

    Why do people want SUVs rather than estate cars?

    My husband already accuses me of buying new cars too often... 🤣
  4. TXSchnee

    Why do people want SUVs rather than estate cars?

    I will do a quick list of my personal daily drivers since 2015: '15 BMW X3 '15 BMW X5 '17 Audi S6 '18 BMW X3 '20 Porsche Cayenne E Hybrid (still own) '23 Taycan So a mix of sedan, SUV and wagon. The main reason for the SUVs is that in the US, there aren't options for estates. You can order an...
  5. TXSchnee

    Big Discounts on new Taycans

    I paid MSRP on my CT 4S in February this year. ADM was never mentioned, no charge for allocation waiting list, nor deposit on order once it froze. Any dealer still saying "feel lucky to pay MSRP" right now hasn't realized the covid "scarcity" they charged more for is gone. I would cast a wide...
  6. TXSchnee

    Encouraging development (US specific) in charging infrastructure.

    NYT had a good article concerning truck stops installing fast chargers. More locations is a good thing, especially right off the freeway.
  7. TXSchnee

    What's with all the Notifications

    Multiple notifications pop up every drive now, started a week or two ago. '23 CT 4S.
  8. TXSchnee

    Recall (9/1/23): Insufficient Sealant Causing High-Voltage Battery Leak on 2023 Taycans (4,777 Units Affected)

    Mine is showing the recall now too, not in the app but when you log into MyPorsche online. It took me as far as scheduling an appointment for it, but it will not show the recall as a reason, so I will just wait to set up appointment until the recall letters start showing up.
  9. TXSchnee

    MAMBA GREEN Taycan Club

    Haven’t posted a photo in awhile. Taycan and Cayenne E Hybrid + the solar panels that help keep them charged.
  10. TXSchnee

    Three Months without the Taycan - Porsche cannot care less....

    As a former Auto Claims Adjuster, I can tell you that it would be almost unheard of for the manufacturer to provide any sort of compensation for an accident. Most of the insurance companies source parts from third party vendors, and allow body shops to do the same. No manufacturer has direct...
  11. TXSchnee

    Recall (9/1/23): Insufficient Sealant Causing High-Voltage Battery Leak on 2023 Taycans (4,777 Units Affected)

    Fun, my VIN is in the range. Thanks for sharing this. Dealing with a CEL on my Cayenne right now too (Cylinder 3 Misfire), so not super thrilled.
  12. TXSchnee

    How did the wife find out I was speeding?

    As a woman I find this hilarious. No one would ever accuse me of driving slow and sedately. My son finds it hilarious when I am taking curvy roads at 70mph (edit to add: posted speed is 40mph). Buy your wife a session at a performance driving school and turn her into a speed demon, end of...
  13. TXSchnee

    Car Seat recommendations needed

    I used Britax infant seats with my son (in both a BMW X5 and an Audi S6) he is still in a 5 Point harness booster that is also Britax. Try to go to a store that will allow you to take a demo model out to determine fit, usually an independent store (aka not chain retailer) will do this having an...
  14. TXSchnee

    Central control console becoming excessively hot

    I also have a '23 4S CT and do not have an issue with the central console becoming too hot. I am in the US, in Texas and it has been over 100F all of July, August and still in September. I would get that in asap to be looked at.
  15. TXSchnee

    Article: Automakers fed up with EA, driving the change to Tesla and NACS

    Saw this referenced over on The Autopian, and it is indeed an interesting article on how fed up, in general, other automakers are with EA. Part 1 released yesterday, 2 today, 3 and 4 to follow...
  16. TXSchnee

    Taycan GTS v BMW iX M60 v Chinese Teslas: DRAG RACE

    The iX M60 comes with Pirelli PZeros if you spec the performance tire (in the US). They also have amazing brakes, as I can attest to mine phantom braking from 60mph and almost giving me whiplash. That said, there is a reason I got rid of it after only 2 months (lots and lots of electrical...
  17. TXSchnee

    Porsch ID Login

    I am having the screen issues. It has done it off and on, hadn’t for a month or two and now started up again. Sent pictures to my Service Advisor, will see what he says. (‘23 CT 4S)
  18. TXSchnee

    Welcome to Normal Depreciation

    For some Taycan owners, yes it is monopoly money. However there were people paying $10,000+ over MSRP on Kias here in the US, so in general people who paid ADM are really going to be unhappy when it comes time to sell/trade.
  19. TXSchnee

    Welcome to Normal Depreciation

    Anyone who paid over list price is going to be very upset when it comes time to trade/sell their Taycan (any vehicle really). I do not think the Taycan is depreciating any worse than the other luxury EVs.
  20. TXSchnee

    Backup Camera is a POS

    All back up cameras are getting worse. I had an ‘18 BMW X3 M40i, camera was perfect, moved to a ‘23 BMW iX M60 and the camera was noticeably worse. To make matters even worse, the X3 had an MSRP of $66,100 (USD) to the iX MSRP of $119,600 (USD). The Taycan is no worse than the iX, which leads...