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    Ghost Battery drop faster when charge is lower

    My car is in the shop longer than expected waiting for parts :(. It stayed at 40% for a week, now it is dropping 2 or 3 % the last 3 days, Does anyone know if this is expected that below 40% or N number of days without charge or usage does it start losing power faster?
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    Door dings removal using Porsche protection plan ?

    Anyone used Porsche protection plan to remove a door ding ? my car is at the Porsche approved body shop for the undercarriage work, and I happened to notice and file a secondary claim for my first door ding. When I called to give the body shop the claim info he noted that it is a much bigger...
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    Brake travel

    After getting brakes bleed for 40k mile I am noticing they feel somewhat soft on initial push. Trying to recall if it was like this directly after the service or only after my unfortunate life lesson of not driving through parking lots in range mode (significant undercarriage damage to be...
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    Bottomed out on parking lot dip and raised humps. Windshield wiper reservoir damaged

    This stupid gas station has a dip, then back to back raised concrete humps for fuel reservoir access… hit both the dip and back to back humps ar 10 mph … Just smacked the crap out of the bottom of my Taycan on way to Chicago;( charging Ok, but totally busted the windshield wiper reservoir :(...
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    New tires

    My front tires need to be replaced, but my rear tires still have a little more life on them. Anyone replace just fronts? Or do you replace all 4 every time? also seems the dealership cost per tire is less but install is more, I am not really overly concerned with minor cost difference for this...
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    Ventilated seat option immediately shuts off

    Anyone have their ventilated seat immediately turn off when they turn it on? seat back also feels warm :(.
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    Love it when charging works..

    Was only at that rate a few minutes :)..Rest of the session stayed around 150-195 was there less than 30 min 10% - 80% which was more than enough… even in winter charging planner did the job and pre heated battery to 85degrees by the time I got to the charger.
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    Charges over profile %

    Has anyone noticed their charging session with home chargers goes over the specified profile by 2-4%? mine keeps doing that
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    Psm failure visit workshop error

    My car has been blocked in by a dumpster for 3 weeks… today the dumpster was finally hauled off. During this time I have kept the car near 80% charge… got in to drive it today and at first stop I have a Psm failure message popping up… have a call into my dealership…but curious if anyone has seen...
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    Number fun…

    Hit a fun one today … 33333. a little blurry because it was night delayed photo and I moved the camera before I realized it!?!
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    Extreme cold driving - operational temperature range for the Taycan?

    It is -3 F to -15 F with wind chills outside around -30 F. I haven’t had to drive much but am wondering if anyone has any reference-able data on operational temperature range for the Taycan, and if it can be trusted in such cold conditions? I know my Subaru drives fine but the performance is...
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    Heat pump - How can you tell if your Taycan has one?

    How can you tell if your Taycan has a heat pump? Was it an option or standard on MY20 4S?
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    Taycan won’t connect to my Porsche app

    Anyone having issues with Taycan connecting to my Porsche app? Mine stopped about 10 days ago. dealer is looking into it, they can’t connect to car either … otherwise car is fine.
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    Christmas tree fit in trunk

    First winter with Taycan. Kids and I were about to head out to get a Christmas tree and I realized I only had the Taycan as the Subaru is in the shop for an extended period of time.. used an old sheet 😀… looked like my daughter and I were loading a 5’8” body into the trunk. Not a single needle...
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    Using Homelink when Taycan is powered off?

    Home link works well compared to posts I have read about it pre uPdate. One thing I can’t seem to find is a way to close the garage door when the car is off. Anyone know of a way? Obviously unlike my I.C.E car I don’t really need to turn it off before closing the door, but years of that order...
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    Interior detailing/cleaning product recommendations

    What products do you all use for interior care? I have black leather on my my20. There are so many various options and in the past I have just occasionally sprayed some armor all on a cloth and wiped down surfaces on my other cars. Looking to aim a little higher with the Taycan :).