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  1. tomw00

    Bip & Go Recharge card

    Has anyone experience of using the Bip & Go recharge card? It states on their site that is cost 0.20€ per charge - that seems to good to be true Répondez en français si vous préférez Tom
  2. tomw00

    Nordschleife / Nürburgring - tricks /tips / advice

    Hi All, I am off to the Nürburgring next Friday with my Turbo ( and a fresh set of Michelin Pilot Sports!! ). Is anyone who has taken their Taycan happy to share the experiences? I'll post my experiences of the green hell once I am safely home ;-) Tom
  3. tomw00

    Steering wheel cleaning

    Hi All, My race-tex steering wheel has become fairly grim. It's now sticky and unpleasant to hold. Any suggestions for cleaning it or a recommendation for a company who could? I am based in Sussex so anywhere in the South East. Tom
  4. tomw00

    Le Mans 24h road trip with my Taycan Turbo, 911's and Aston Martin Vantage

    I've just got back on Monday from the 24 heures du Mans. We drove there and back in 5 cars - A GT3, 2x 911GTS, a Aston Martin Vantage and my Taycan Turbo. Before we set out I was a little concerned that me stopping and charging for large amounts of time would p**s everyone off, however apart...
  5. tomw00

    Long distance driving with AC charging only

    Hi All, We recently had a problem with our Taycan Turbo which prevented it from charging using the CCS port. More info here We were 2,000 km from home in South Spain. Porsche Assistance refused to help...
  6. tomw00

    FIXED - Charge port reported open when closed

    help... The right hand charge port is being reported as open when it is not. This means I cannot use the LHS port which is the CCS port in the UK. If I open it the car reports charging not possible. The issue is I am 1,200 miles from home in Southern Spain. Without CCS charging getting home...
  7. tomw00

    Swiss mountain passes - charging options

    I am in the early stages of planning a trip to the Alps to drive the most famous Swiss mountain passes. Most of the vehicles will be GT3's & GT3RS'. While I am confident my Taycan Turbo will keep up I am less sure about charging it easily/quickly. Has anyone done the Swiss/Italian Alpine...
  8. tomw00

    Porsche charging adaptors - advice

    Hi All, There are now three electric vehicles in our household but only one 7.5kW wall charger. I have a cheap tariff overnight but it doesn't last that long. Annoyingly all three cars are empty. It occurs to me that if I purchase I can charge one of the cars at 230x16 = 3.6kW instead of...
  9. tomw00

    Potential Plug and Charge issue

    I have been unable to charge at number of chargers recently.The car reports a charging error and it seemed like the issue was with the car. It occurred to me that I had recently enabled "Plug & Charge". I have now disabled it and returned to EVSEs that previously didn't work, now all is good...
  10. tomw00

    Too good to last - Bonnet price increases

    Just got this come through
  11. tomw00

    Screen shot from Iberdrola charging stations

    Hi All, I have just got back to the UK from Spain. I had problems getting the Porsche RFID card to work with some Iberdrola EVSE's. I have logged a support call with Porsche and they are asking for screen shots. Annoyingly I didn't take any, probably due the fact it was 40'C and I was keen to...
  12. tomw00

    Hotel in the Lake District - recommendation?

    I am planning a trip to Glasgow and thought I would break the journey in the Lake District. Can anyone recommend a hotel that offers charging (paid or complimentary)? Tom
  13. tomw00

    Disable folding mirrors?

    Hi All, I have bought a car cover for my TT for use until I get a new garage built. The instructions say the car shouldn't have it's mirrors folded when the cover is used. Apart from leaving unlocked is there a way to disable the folding mirror feature? Tom