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  1. DirtyPop

    Electrify America Issues

    I could give two shits about the free charging. For me it is about principle. EA is supposed to work, it used to. Now it is trash. We can’t charge at every Tesla supercharging station yet so it makes road tripping kind of a pain in the ass. After spending $150,000 on the car and $2500 getting it...
  2. DirtyPop

    Electrify America Issues

    I’m in the Bay Area and all EA stations have at least 50% of them down all the time. When I’m finally able to connect it has been charging around 40-50kWh. I got my GTS in 4/22 and the EA chargers worked great then. Now it is a terrible, terrible experience. I charge at home mostly now which...
  3. DirtyPop

    Three Months without the Taycan - Porsche cannot care less....

    I send my condolences for your loss. I'm sorry to hear about the poor customer service by Porsche. Unacceptable from such a brand. I would be livid as well. Good luck in getting a resolution.
  4. DirtyPop

    PPF wrap - essential?

    I bet you have rock chips on your front bumpers and hoods.
  5. DirtyPop

    PPF wrap - essential?

    Try is exactly my thoughts. PPF is spendy but worth every penny if you care about the appearance of the car. You didn’t buy a Hyundai, you bought a Taycan. Why not make sure it always looks like it did from the factory.
  6. DirtyPop

    Tesla Price Drop

    One of the main factors in buying every car I've owned was how it looked. For me I want to get excited and appreciate the lines of my car every time I walk up to it. I hand wash all of my cars once a week and with my '22 GTS I marvel at how good looking it is, every day. I live in Silicon Valley...
  7. DirtyPop

    Got her! 2024 GTS :)

    That is a healthy amount of swag! I only got a keychain from my dealership and Porsche sent me a Taycan pen. The model car is cool. I need one.
  8. DirtyPop

    Tire Pressure Monitor System Going Haywire?

    When I got into my '22 GTS last night the car said that I needed to inflate my passenger rear tire 5 PSI. The weird thing is the left dial which I have the tire pressures displayed still show 35 PSI on all 4. I decided to drive a little and it didn't go away. I left it overnight to see if I had...
  9. DirtyPop

    Electrify America experience

    I live in San Jose, CA. I bought my ‘22 GTS in April of ‘22. EA worked 85% of the time at all nearby stations. They were never full since there were only a handful of cars that were out. Since more EVs that use CCS have come out it has been terrible. I would say the stations work 15-25% of the...
  10. DirtyPop

    Alignment cost

    Did your local shop calibrate all of the sensors around the car? I was told by my dealership that is needed with every alignment. He said the alignment is $2,200 because of this reason. Seems excessive IMO. He also said a lot of people just put in an insurance comp claim for a chipped...
  11. DirtyPop

    Anyone tint the glass roof?

    Thank you for breaking it down. I might just have to do it over and go 20% on all windows and 35% on the roof. I really want the heat to stay out.
  12. DirtyPop

    Anyone tint the glass roof?

    I guess I was confused because you said my 35% is pretty light inferring it wasn’t dark enough to block out the heat.
  13. DirtyPop

    Anyone tint the glass roof?

    I think you are reversing the numbers. You said go 50% or it won’t work. 35% 35% is darker than 50%. What do you mean go at least 50% or it won’t work. Did you mean to say go 20% or it won’t work?
  14. DirtyPop

    Anyone tint the glass roof?

    I hear you but the problem with 20% all the way around is the look. It is very dark and the contrast on my metallic white paint detracts visually IMO from the car. I will check out the chart. Thanks!
  15. DirtyPop

    Anyone tint the glass roof?

    I did 70% on the windshield, and 35% on everything else. I’m not worried about light or glare. I’m only concerned with heat reduction. The roof without aftermarket tint lets in a lot of heat in the summer Bay Area sun. After 10 min it is pretty noticeable.
  16. DirtyPop

    Anyone tint the glass roof?

    I have ceramic tint on all windows and windshield. I opted to not spend the extra $600 to tint the roof. I have lived without it tinted for a year and a half and finally am taking it in on Tuesday to get the roof ceramic tinted. I live in Northern CA and during the day it gets super hot after...
  17. DirtyPop

    Taycan in Monte Carlo

    No picture?
  18. DirtyPop

    Battery failure/extended repair times

    I feel like your car meets the lemon law requirements, 3 times in the shop in a short amount of time. I would definitely look into that of course if you are in the US. You might get all of your money back if it does pass. Please keep us updated. That really sucks!
  19. DirtyPop

    Taycan Sales Declining

    For me I don’t care what the numbers say. I didn’t buy my ‘22 GTS as an investment. Unless you are buying a collector car the more expensive the car the higher the depreciation is going to be. The Taycan is so amazing I don’t care that it is worth less than what I paid. When you do something...
  20. DirtyPop

    My Taycan 4S with a personal touch: new 22" wheels

    You can’t tint at all, or you just can’t tint limo black? Here is California we aren’t allowed to go more than 35% I believe but everyone does it anyways. Every blue moon a cop will write a fix it ticket for it.