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  1. Lot of Taycan for sale with low miles

    I just set an alert for Turbo S's on Autotrader and you'll get several new cars every day. You'll find some good deals.
  2. Lot of Taycan for sale with low miles

    The sticker price was $209,000. the sale price was $129,000.
  3. Lot of Taycan for sale with low miles

    Here's what happened: Some overzealous flunky at a Porsche dealership drove the new Taycan into a chain link fence, and the dealership fixed the scratches on the passenger side front fender and then sold it as a used vehicle with an accident history.
  4. Lot of Taycan for sale with low miles

    I bought a Turbo S with 150 miles on it and $90,000 off MSRP.
  5. Tesla Price Drop

    Life is short. I don't have to hate Tesla to like my Taycan. I traded my Model 3 Performance when I bought my Taycan, and the Model 3 was a great entry-level EV. It actually did some things better than the Taycan like using your phone as a key (which is much more convenient). But, the Taycan...
  6. FS: Porsche Charging Dock (7PP-915-706) - $300

    I'm interested. Please text me at 850/459-3517.
  7. Taycan GTS v BMW iX M60 v Chinese Teslas: DRAG RACE

    Would have been nice to see a Turbo S square off.
  8. Life's too short...

    Twenty years from now you're not going to look back and think, "Wow I'm glad I didn't drive an exciting and engaging car every day that I could." If you can afford it, driving a luxury performance car on a daily basis will often be the highlight of your day. Very few objects give you that much...