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  1. Mr. 2021 Taycan

    September OTA Update Coming

    Porsche has not figured out technology. There is no reason to be sending text messages and emails. Updates that are not automatically applied are flagged as available in the PCM. Porsche knows my VIN and my email and cell number. If they wanted to, they could send notifications by VIN the day...
  2. Mr. 2021 Taycan

    Porsche blessing 40A on Mobile Charger Connect

    My 4S achieves 290+ miles of range when charged to 100% and 250+ miles when charged to 85%. I live in a warm climate.
  3. Mr. 2021 Taycan

    Porsche blessing 40A on Mobile Charger Connect

    In the US the Mobile Charger Connect software was remotely changed by Porsche in the summer of 2022 to error out the charging session if "something" got "too hot." This change also forces the default to 20 AMPS each time the Mobile Charge Connect is started, forcing the user to manually increase...
  4. Mr. 2021 Taycan

    New 4S, Low Range…

    I have the large battery. Just did a 100% charge and my 4S showed 290 miles of range. Drove 135 miles averaging 60 MPH at about 75 degrees F. About 75% highway driving at 75 mph. Range now shows as 152. Consumption display showed 30 kWh per 100 miles on the highway. I conclude that the numbers...
  5. Mr. 2021 Taycan

    My road trip to Monterey Car Week 2023 (range, efficiency and charging stats included)

    It would be nice to know your average speed for each segment.
  6. Mr. 2021 Taycan

    Range complaint posts ❓

    My 4S gets just under 300 miles of highway driving at 75mph on a full charge in a mild climate (no cold winters). The problem is not the mileage per charge compared to a full tank of gas, it is the time to charge. If you don't have a 350 kw DC charger near you and an hour to spare, you need a...
  7. Mr. 2021 Taycan

    Charging error using Porshe charger

  8. Mr. 2021 Taycan

    Electrify America experience

    Sample of 1: I routinely charge my Taycan at home as I do no long distance driving with it (use the wife's ICE). However, EA just installed six chargers (150kw and 350kw) at a Target store near me, so I thought I would give it a try. Parked, at 35% charge I plugged into a 150kw charge (the 350s...
  9. Mr. 2021 Taycan

    Extended Warranty worth it?

    A word about extended warranties: Over your lifetime of owning cars the cost of extended warranties will be significantly greater than having paid for warranty related services. If this were not true, car companies and insurance companies would not make money on extended warranties. I know it...
  10. Mr. 2021 Taycan

    Power off question, weird change in function

    Just touch the door handle after you exit and close the door.
  11. Mr. 2021 Taycan

    Home charging

    DO NOT BUY ANY PORSCHE CHARGER! They are too expensive and don't work well. Recommend you spend a few bucks more to get a heavy duty Hubbell NEMA wall receptible. See attached. Only decision is whether you want a portable unit or a fixed wall mounted unit. Many good reviews here...
  12. Mr. 2021 Taycan

    What is your Taycan Range after X miles, Let's get some data

    5,500 miles. 85% change consistently claims 250+ miles of range. This tracks well with what others are seeing.
  13. Mr. 2021 Taycan

    interesting contrast…Lucid air inventory "deals"

    Understood and was expected. Just reporting. I wanted the Taycan without regard to depreciation.
  14. Mr. 2021 Taycan

    interesting contrast…Lucid air inventory "deals"

    A review of shows the used price of a 2021 4S with low mileage and comparable options to mine indicates about 30% depreciation from 2021 list pricing. Not very comforting.
  15. Mr. 2021 Taycan

    Range with %85 battery for Taycan 4S Performance Plus

    I live in a warm climate. My 4S displayed range at 85% charge has consistently shown a bit over 250 miles for the past 2.5 years. I have never validated the actual mileage, however.
  16. Mr. 2021 Taycan

    Setting up 80-100A home charging: Porsche charger vs Lucid Home Charger

    Thank-you for the clarification. My Porsche Mobile Charger Connect is connected to a service that is 100% to specification. I initially set the PMCC to 40 AMPS and it worked for 18 months without issue, until Porsche remotely updated the software. The software now forces the unit to 20 AMPs on...
  17. Mr. 2021 Taycan

    Setting up 80-100A home charging: Porsche charger vs Lucid Home Charger

    Good to know for those who have utility companies that support demand response. Mine does not.
  18. Mr. 2021 Taycan

    Setting up 80-100A home charging: Porsche charger vs Lucid Home Charger

    The Porsche Mobile Charger Connect is a waste of money. It fails to support it's 40 AMP specification. Porsche remotely downgraded it's software via WiFi. You can manually set it to 40 AMPS each time you use it, but it errors out if it thinks it is "too" hot. Porsche has left buyers in the lurch...
  19. Mr. 2021 Taycan

    Taycan 4S - 1 year later: owner's feedback / review

    No, I now have to manually set the Amperage to 40 on the Mobile Charger Connect and the car reports 8.6 kw (pulling about 40 amps at about 215 volts). But I get a charging error after about an hour as a result of the remote software update (it never errored out until the September 2022 software...
  20. Mr. 2021 Taycan

    Taycan 4S - 1 year later: owner's feedback / review

    Very similar positive 4S experience (January 2021 delivery). Very reliable after initial software glitches (now addressed with updates) and failed HVAC hardware. Routine reported range at 85% charge is 250 miles. Warm climate. Only remaining issue is that Mobile Charger Connect was remotely...