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  1. kort

    L3 charger usage list

    this article should be disseminated far and wide, maybe some sort of sticker should be adhered to every L3 charger unit. I see so many people using chargers that are beyond their car's capabilities...
  2. kort

    supply chain issues
  3. kort

    new recall

    I just received this recall regarding brake pad sensors
  4. kort

    7-Eleven Launching Own EV Charging Network

    7-Eleven Has Launched Its Own EV Charging Network
  5. kort

    2021 4S

    I am considering selling my 4S and I am looking to see if there is any interest from anyone here or any insights that you may have to offer. the also has a top of the line radar/laser jammer installed.
  6. kort

    new recall, 28 cars

    I received this from NHTSA NHTSA Recall ID Number : 22V921 Manufacturer : Porsche Cars North America, Inc. Subject : Loose Retaining Ring May Cause Dislodged Air Strut Make Model Model Years PORSCHE TAYCAN 2021 PORSCHE TAYCAN 4S 2021 December 13, 2022 NHTSA...
  7. kort

    12v battery level

    I have been told that the 12v battery should be at 13.4 my car is at 13. and today it went to 13.7 before returning to 13.5 should I be concerned?
  8. kort

    can someone in the UK verify this?
  9. kort

    tesla to increase charging cost

    tesla to increase supercharging cost in europe
  10. kort

    Like or dislike the Taycan sound?

    what is your take on the sound generated by the car?
  11. kort

    elctrical system error

    today I was out shopping and upon returning to the car for the ride home I got the dreaded electical system fault message in the right silo, the car would power up but would engage to drive. I shit the car down, opening the door to completely shut it down. I spent about seeing about getting a...
  12. kort

    New recall? Vehicle Display Malfunction/FMVSS 111

    I just received this; Your vehicle MAY be involved in a safety recall and MAY create a safety risk for you or your passengers. If left unrepaired, a potential safety defect could lead to injury or even death. Safety defects must be repaired by a dealer at no cost to you. Why am I getting...
  13. kort

    porsche service follies

    back in February I received notice that my 2021 taycan 4s needed to come in for recall repairs and software updates. the dealership wouldn't have a loaner for me and the available loaner would mean that the car would have to wait a few weeks, at that time the first available appointment with a...
  14. kort

    Porsche club NA

    does anyone here belong to the Porsche club? if yes, what do you get out of belonging? from what I see they are not especially interested in their EV cousin.
  15. kort

    Porsche to build out own charging network
  16. kort

    New recall - suspension may be misaligned

    I just received this; NHTSA Recall ID Number :22V052Manufacturer :Porsche Cars North America, Inc.Subject :Suspension May Be Misaligned Make Model Model Years PORSCHE TAYCAN 2021 NHTSA ID: 22V052SAFETY ISSUE TYPERecalls February 2, 2022 NHTSA CAMPAIGN NUMBER: 22V052000 Suspension May Be...
  17. kort

    appointment 2 months out

    On the myporche page there was a note that there are two open recalls for my car. I immediately called my dealership to see when they can address the recall items. the dealership offered these options, I could drop the car and am on my own for transport, I could wait at the dealership for who...
  18. kort

    How to remove old phone profile ?

    I just received my Iphone 13 pro and I easily linked it to the car, which was quite easy, however the profile for my older Iphone is still on my device list and I cannot figure out how to make it go away does anyone know how to delete that phone from the device list?
  19. kort

    New recall - brake issue

    I just received an email from nhtsa regarding a new recall because of a brake issue. I’m on my mobile so I cannot post the link. Visit the nhtsa site for details