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  1. What battery level you guys recommend charging and up to what max level ?

    more charging questions - 2 weeks owning my ST GTS. I cant find in the app where to limit the SOC ie to switch off at 80% or 85% , etc. i see in the app the options for profiles but they only offer a minimum charge criteria. Also, i have optioned the Porsche Charging unit home charging...
  2. Porsche Connect Store OTA activation of services

    Indeed, i have a long road trip next week so might be useful but i don’t think its something that’s going to justify the subscription for me.
  3. Porsche Connect Store OTA activation of services

    I’ve ordered through Porsche Connect a 3 month trial of Innodrive and some sort of enhanced keyless access. That was 3 days ago and just shows ’we are working on your order’ in the app. any experiences of how long theses things take to install/activate?
  4. Comfort Access - login with second key New GTS

    Hi this forum has been an essential source of info during my pre/post order process. Thank you all. Picked up th new car this week, wow! - in all respects.. couple of questions - using the second key as my wife’s - whenever she starts up the car it asks if she wants to login or continue as...
  5. MY2024 Taycan GTS Carmine Red arrives and worth the wait!

    Lovely car, took delivery of my ST GTS this week. It’s exceeded all my expectations. Happy motoring.
  6. CHALK Taycan Club

    Can i join the Crayon Club please? Picked up my ST GTS a few days ago and absolutely love the car. I hadn’t seen the crayon in the flesh before delivery - it looks better than i expected. Turning heads wherever it goes. Love the performance handling and interior.
  7. PPF wrap - essential?

    Yep agree with much here. I don’t intend to wash the car in automatic car wash. Heard too much bad news about them. Like a previous poster - first Taycan, first Porsche, first ev. I think the piece of mind is what I desire.
  8. Roof Rack with Thule Bike Rack and Vector installed on Taycan sedan

    The Thule bike carriers are compatible with the porsche roofbars?
  9. Bike Rack [ Rear or Roof ]

    Anybody know who makes the porsche roofbars? I’m wondering if the Thule ski and bike carriers are compatible?
  10. Pre-conditioning battery for charge

    I found that thread after is started this. I assumed that was a joke ?! 🫣
  11. Pre-conditioning battery for charge

    So if the porsche Nav System knows you’re routing to a charger, the battery will pre-condition to enable the fastest rate of charging. If my chosen charging point is not in the Porsche database, can i manually set the battery to pre-condition? what rate of charge requires pre-conditioning...
  12. PPF wrap - essential?

    Lots of great advice, much appreciated all. On balance i think I’ll go with the PPF. I’m in spain and the percussive parking here can be an issue..
  13. PPF wrap - essential?

    The GTS ST has arrived at the dealer, pickup next week. Considering the protection options. Is PPF considered essential and ceramic coating? Any feedback and thoughts much appreciated.
  14. Got her! 2024 GTS :)

    Sweet! Getting ready for my GTS ST in approx 2 weeks. Cant wait.
  15. Spotted on a mountain in France

    Ok many thanks, ST GTS arriving soon. Looking forward to the road trip to Blighty..
  16. Spotted on a mountain in France

    Is that the standard width carriage or the wider one that you need to book?