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  1. Derip88

    Night time driving, cabin too bright!?

    Have them in -5 they are still too bright at night/driving long distances…I don’t have panoramic roof so I guess it’s way darker inside.
  2. Derip88

    Night time driving, cabin too bright!?

    I also really get annoyed by that light 🤬 no way of turning it off
  3. Derip88

    "Electrify America, EVgo Ban Non-OEM Adapters" - Article

    Hahahahaha 300$ for the accents though
  4. Derip88

    How do you clean your Taycan

    Same here! Full front PPF and ceramic coating so at the car wash I say, only water and soap please…😂
  5. Derip88

    Regenerative Braking Setting

    same exact 3 points with mine
  6. Derip88

    Need monochrome replacement hood emblem

    Did they replied?
  7. Derip88

    Got her! 2024 GTS :)

    Wow! Very nice configuration! Health to enjoy!
  8. Derip88

    Range complaint posts ❓

    Exactly!!! That’s why there are many range complaining posts.
  9. Derip88

    Motor swap: 4s rear drive motor > Turbo S rear drive motor

    why invent the wheel? Easier to sell the 4S and Upgrade we all know that Porsche will make your life miserable
  10. Derip88

    Porsche blessing 40A on Mobile Charger Connect

    How many KWh is the screen showing inside the car when you set the charger output to 40A?
  11. Derip88

    Wireless Apple CarPlay

    Haha, yes on both
  12. Derip88

    Wireless Apple CarPlay

    my carplay icon is grayed and when you push it, doesn't do anything. Am I missing something? Happening in a 2023 4S CT
  13. Derip88

    The Day Finally Arrived!

    Funny how the look more red in pictures, but in real life are a lot toned down, right?
  14. Derip88

    The Day Finally Arrived!

    Hahaha is a special livery they made for the 70 years of Porsche…that car has been in several Latin dealers for tha last couple of months
  15. Derip88

    The Day Finally Arrived!

    Hi all! After a relatively short wait of 8 months I collected my 2023 Volcano Gray Taycan 4S CT I haven't been able to drive it that much since it went the next day for PPF application. All I can say is what an amazing car! Here are some pics of the delivery day, I'll keep posting relevant...
  16. Derip88

    4th Taycan Arrival: MY23 Gentian Blue

    Wow! Looks amazing! I’m picking up mine in 2 weeks… Health to enjoy!