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  1. Mr. 2021 Taycan

    Write to Porsche NA CEO re: Mobile Charger Connect

    The Porsche Mobile Charger Connect does not meet its published specifications and needs to be replaced by Porsche. The letter I wrote to the Porsche NA CEO is below. I encourage others with this charger to write. October 16, 2022 Mr. Kjell Gruner President and Chief Executive Officer Porsche...
  2. Mr. 2021 Taycan

    Write to Porsche NA RE: "Free Update" to Porsche Mobile Charger (WMP2 Campaign)

    The WMP2 update is to downgrade the charger to half of its charging capability. They are overheating and melting plugs. After the WMP2, it will take twice as long to charge the car. Based on the specifications of the Porsche Mobile Charge Connect device I acquired with my Taycan, I paid an...
  3. Mr. 2021 Taycan

    Porsche - We Need Over-the-Air PCM Updates

    I really don't understand Porsche. They promote "over the air updates" to sell the Taycan, yet in 14 months of ownership I have had to take the car to the dealer 3 times to be manually updated by them. Now, they contact their customers to prepare us for some kind of Over-the-Air "update" they...
  4. Mr. 2021 Taycan

    Does Your Surround View Camera Work?

    I paid for the surround view camera (Premium Package) but it does not work. My dealer is aware of this but has not offered any solution after two months. The car just completed the in shop software update with no change in behavior. Before the software update I could click where the camera...
  5. Mr. 2021 Taycan

    Anyone Understand Wireless CarPlay and Wi-Fi?

    Wireless Apple CarPlay creates what appears to be a custom 5Ghz Wi-Fi connection to my phone (2021 Taycan). I don't have the password for the 5Ghz connection or for the TAYCAN_2001 signal down below (the signal seems to enable without a password). The connection appears when the phone is in the...
  6. Mr. 2021 Taycan

    Anyone get a 2021 Taycan auto-recognized when using an Electrify America charging station?

    I plugged in my 2021 Taycan into a 350kw Electrify American charging station and.... nada.... charging failed. No automatic connection. I call EA and a very nice lady authorized a free session. The good news is that the charging was indeed "fast," providing over 100 miles in less than 15...