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  1. Porsche Connect Store OTA activation of services

    I’ve ordered through Porsche Connect a 3 month trial of Innodrive and some sort of enhanced keyless access. That was 3 days ago and just shows ’we are working on your order’ in the app. any experiences of how long theses things take to install/activate?
  2. Comfort Access - login with second key New GTS

    Hi this forum has been an essential source of info during my pre/post order process. Thank you all. Picked up th new car this week, wow! - in all respects.. couple of questions - using the second key as my wife’s - whenever she starts up the car it asks if she wants to login or continue as...
  3. Pre-conditioning battery for charge

    So if the porsche Nav System knows you’re routing to a charger, the battery will pre-condition to enable the fastest rate of charging. If my chosen charging point is not in the Porsche database, can i manually set the battery to pre-condition? what rate of charge requires pre-conditioning...
  4. PPF wrap - essential?

    The GTS ST has arrived at the dealer, pickup next week. Considering the protection options. Is PPF considered essential and ceramic coating? Any feedback and thoughts much appreciated.
  5. break in, run in, gentle early miles/Kms?

    I read on another thread some talk about breaking in the car from new. Avoiding launch, etc. My GTS ST arrives in 4 weeks, need some advice as my son will be ngging me to launch at every opportunity. Does the user manual mention this?
  6. Comfort Access Question switching and driver settings

    Preparing myself for delivery…with regards Comfort Access. I assume that each key can have a profile eg the seat position, drive modes etc.? if my assumption is correct - my wife picks me up from the airport and of course I want to drive home. How to switch the profile? Is it as simple as...
  7. Tracking Progress of New Order

    GTS ST ordered in Jan 23. Estimate was Sept delivery, then pushed back to November, poss due to heater issues. Couple of weeks ago my dealer hombre contacted to say brought forward to end July/Aug. Locked in options 16 May. Ive read some threads describing how to monitor the assembly and...
  8. Porsche Charging Service around Europe particularly Spain.

    As the title- what networks are included in addition to Ionity? My ST GTS arrives in July and I’m trying to get my head sorted with charging options. Additionally, would i need an adaptor to charge at Tesla?
  9. Stuttgart Collection?

    Ordered a GTS ST today. From another post ive read here, i seem to remember collection from Stuttgart was available again post Covid suspension. Dealer told me its still not an option. Anybody have any luck or news of when it might be available? thanks.
  10. Price rise EU?

    My dealer in Spain tells me the price is going up 6% across all models from 1 Feb.
  11. Innodrive worth it?

    Hi. Speccing my GTS. Anybody have the Innodrive on the Taycan- if so is it worth it? I read here its not as good as Tesla AP which i have had a go with. thanks
  12. VLC expensive gadget but any real benefits?

    The dimming glass roof -its called VLC i think. Was going to spec it but i hear it might be just a gimmick. I’m ordering and keeping the car in Spain. In a sunny climate is the non VLC glass roof going to put a huge burden in the AC, reduce range etc pros and cons - its quite a pricey option and...
  13. About order ST GTS, any advice top tips

    As title. I’m ordering i spain where i live. Is there any mileage contacting more than one dealer? Anybody getting even a small discount off list price in Europe? I guess that depends on how keen the dealer is. Other questions, when is the price locked in? Ive got a pretty good idea of the spec...