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  1. hshm

    Gas shortage in the US. Be careful out there.

    Oh, wait.. ? Some gas stations run dry as motorists rush to fill their tanks after pipeline shutdown
  2. hshm

    Mismatched floor mats?

    I picked up a CPO Taycan 4S with standard black interior. It looks like I got gray floor mats ? The dealer is a couple hundred miles away so I wanted to confirm before I asked them to send me the correct mats. Can anyone confirm and/or share a closeup photo of their black floor mats?
  3. hshm

    How do you disable trunk lid open/close tone?

    Does anyone know how to disable the open and close tone (loud beeping) when opening and closing the trunk lid? What exactly is the point of this tone anyway? I think after a hundred years of opening and closing trunk lids, we know how it works and don't need an audible warning.
  4. hshm

    Decal or badge on front passenger side without display

    Has anyone considered placing "Porsche" or "Taycan" or something on the area that would normally have a Passenger Display? I'd be interested to see what that looks like—if anyone has photos or examples.