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  1. tomw00

    Solar, Heat Pumps, Home Battery Storage - How far have you or would you go?

    I use a similar amount to you ~ 22,000kwh. This is my setup:- ASHP - underfloor heating on ground and first floor 30 solar panels - 10 facing east , 20 west 12kwh - battery system using Victron inverter and BYD batteries Shareholding in Ripple energy's Kirk Hill Wind farm ( on stream next year...
  2. tomw00

    Bip & Go Recharge card

    Check out the difference in fees for the same charging point. The screenshots are for a chargepoint at Lidl, Darnétal, Rouen I used en route Le Man 24h
  3. tomw00

    Bip & Go Recharge card

    Has anyone experience of using the Bip & Go recharge card? It states on their site that is cost 0.20€ per charge - that seems to good to be true Répondez en français si vous préférez Tom
  4. tomw00

    Energy tariff help!

    Octopus provides an API. This allows you grab the prices for the coming 24 hours. You can then use this information to switch appliances on and off as the prices vary. I also use the Porsche API to tell the car when to charge or not.
  5. tomw00

    Energy tariff help!

    I use Octopus agile and am paying on average 15p per kWh for all my power. If you have some technical skills Octopus agile can be really good. I know others on here sing the praises of Octopus Go and Octopus Intelligent.
  6. tomw00

    New Porsche Charging Lounge Experience by Out of Spec

    There is a lot of emphasis on safety/security. I think Porsche are ahead of the game here. For example I don't fancy my wife or daughter waiting on their own in the middle of night while their cars charge. I think this will very attractive for option for a lot of people.
  7. tomw00

    Android auto (wireless) drops

    I used AA a lot and haven't noticed this. How are you connecting? Although wireless works I use a USB connection and disable the wireless interface on the phone. This has the advantage of keeping my phone charged. I have a Samsung Galaxy S21
  8. tomw00

    Feeling Nauseous?

    I can suffer from motion sickness driving my Taycan but only around a track. I suspect it is the lateral 1g+ force that is doing it. To counter this I wear a scopoderm patch. This works really well for me.
  9. tomw00

    Nordschleife / Nürburgring - tricks /tips / advice

    Hi All, I am off to the NĂĽrburgring next Friday with my Turbo ( and a fresh set of Michelin Pilot Sports!! ). Is anyone who has taken their Taycan happy to share the experiences? I'll post my experiences of the green hell once I am safely home ;-) Tom
  10. tomw00

    Steering wheel cleaning

    I saw someone else mention that is better to clean it regularly rather than leave it until it feels awful. I waited too long I think ( 18 months / 18k miles )
  11. tomw00

    Steering wheel cleaning

    note to self - don't eat burgers in the car
  12. tomw00

    Steering wheel cleaning

    Sonax Xtreme has a faint citrus odour ( i think ) - it's bit hard to apply direct so I spraying it on a cloth. The steps I took:- spray Sonax on a cloth an apply this gets through the shiny,compacted layer brush in apply water as a mist let it soak in remove dirty water with a cloth The...
  13. tomw00

    Steering wheel cleaning

    Thanks for all the advice everyone. I ended up using Sonax Xtreme, a shoe brush, a repurposed bottle of my wife's moisturiser spray filled with water and several microfibre cloths. I have posted a before and after shot below. I am pretty pleased the results.
  14. tomw00

    Steering wheel cleaning

    Hi All, My race-tex steering wheel has become fairly grim. It's now sticky and unpleasant to hold. Any suggestions for cleaning it or a recommendation for a company who could? I am based in Sussex so anywhere in the South East. Tom
  15. tomw00

    Best electricity tariff for EV switching today

    Christ - electricity prices have gone bonkers tomorrow. -20p per kWh. I will be paid ÂŁ16 to charge the car
  16. tomw00

    Le Mans 24h road trip with my Taycan Turbo, 911's and Aston Martin Vantage

    Yes more than necessary. I guess you can divide the stops into categories. i) I needed to change ii) I optionally charged while ICE vehicles filled up with petrol or we had a break. I got home with about 35% or so.
  17. tomw00

    Le Mans 24h road trip with my Taycan Turbo, 911's and Aston Martin Vantage

    ...and I also should have said none of this would have been possible without the Taycan since there is not a hope in hell of fitting all the camping gear into a 911/Aston. The Taycan had ample space for everyone gear.
  18. tomw00

    Le Mans 24h road trip with my Taycan Turbo, 911's and Aston Martin Vantage

    I've just got back on Monday from the 24 heures du Mans. We drove there and back in 5 cars - A GT3, 2x 911GTS, a Aston Martin Vantage and my Taycan Turbo. Before we set out I was a little concerned that me stopping and charging for large amounts of time would p**s everyone off, however apart...
  19. tomw00


    I also use a samsung smart tag as a backup to the built in tracker. This has the advantage of not needing GPS or GSM signals in order to work.
  20. tomw00

    Overwhelmed by options available Taycan Turbo

    The 150kW is a little bit confusing. It basically allows you to use 400v chargers such as the Tesla ones I believe. If you plug into a 800v you will get >150kW charging - I have the same options as these and can charge at 270kW. I use the adaptive cruise control on long journeys. Check if the...