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  1. I888I

    October 2023 Deliveries

    @bn8959 It’s a bit hard to know what exactly triggered the delay in Porsche Exclusive Manifaktur, but I suspect that it’s part of the Oleo Black+Atacama beige where for the additional (optional) leather, I have chosen Atacama stitching for the black leather pieces.
  2. I888I

    Neodyme og standard (black) interior accents..

    Volcano Grey exterior, Black/Atacama Oleo leather interior, and dark silver accents (GT5). The Neodyme is, in my opinion, way too much bling, which makes it look cheap.
  3. I888I

    October 2023 Deliveries

    Delivery spilled over from September to October 2023 (now 2 weeks delayed) This was the earlier estimate. Build finished on 1st September BIUT delay caused by: - 2 weeks in Porsche Exclusive Manifaktur - 1 week for the importer to generate the registration paperwork. - as this is MY2024, no...
  4. I888I

    New 24' Taycan GTS Metallic white

    That’s a rather strange post. But I respect your personal opinion. «chacun fait ce qu'il lui plait» In that context I am convinced you wont like my build: my car is so fundamentally de-GTS’ed that there are only 2 places where it possible to perceive it is in fact a GTS: the door sills and...
  5. I888I

    Got her! 2024 GTS :)

    Very nice! my GTS should be finished this week, so looking forward to delivery in approx 2-3weeks…. 👍🏻🥂🍾
  6. I888I

    Private plates - cheesy or cool?

    After thinking it through, and as delivery of my Taycan GTS is getting close, I have decided to take the plunge and reserve a private (vanity) plate, for the following reasons: 1. the car will be registered in Belgium, and any available combination of up to 8 letters and number can be reserved...
  7. I888I

    August 2023 Deliveries

    There is already a September 2023 deliveries thread
  8. I888I

    September 2023 Deliveries

    September 2023 deliveries… [SPILLED OVER INTO OCTOBER] It looks like this is the time to get into the game: Porsche Taycan GTS MY24 expected for delivery in September 2023…. Order Date: 24 April 2023 Confirmation build: 2 May 2023 VIN Confirmed: 9 August 2023 Build completion: 1 September...
  9. I888I

    Please help me with the interior color for ice grey gts

    Maybe consider Black/Atacama Beige for the inside: higher quality leather, no transfer of jeans dye, and the same dark/light contrast inside….
  10. I888I

    Location! Location! Location! Post Artistic Photos of Your Taycan with Scenery

    2023 GTS Hockenheim test-drive courtesy RS Motors in Noordschote, West-Vlaanderen.
  11. I888I

    Alea yacta est. the dice has rolled…

    Received my VIN number today, and confirmation of end-of-manufacturing on 8th september 2023,…. Planning and Dreaming is well under way.
  12. I888I

    Why do so many people want a Taycan to be more like Tesla?

    —-apologies for thé replay in Dutch to a message i received in Dutch —- Jos, Bedankt voor jou berichtje. Toch wel, vooraleer ik de knoop doorhakte om een Taycan GTS te bestellen heb ik met een Tesla S en een Tesla 3 gereden, alsook met een Audi e-tron GT, kwestie van de alternatieven te...
  13. I888I

    Why do so many people want a Taycan to be more like Tesla?

    Both here, on YouTube and in car magazines, I read a lot of comments (even journalists that claim to be professional) that a Porsche Taycan is a good car, but that it would be better if it were more line a tesla… The main suggestions of these posters/journalists are: 1. Taycan lacks 1-pedal...
  14. I888I

    Freeze date in 1 week - thoughts on GTS spec

    DiddyP I just recently went through the same process, and had to make GTS final-decisions…. Choosing is loosing, but we have the privilege to all get exactly what we want. There is no better choice, only different ones. You have speced a beautiful car - well done. Compared to your decisions...
  15. I888I

    Which song on that first drive home?

    Awaiting delivery in September, but this is the drive home plan: Also Sprach Zarathustra (Strouss) - also know as 2001 a Space Odyssee.
  16. I888I

    First impressions of standard audio system (compared to Bose system)

    Interesting subject… While ordering my GTS, I have carefully considered the audio options against my use-case and the cost of the systems vs. alternative electronics for my budget. I did specify an upgraded sound system on my 911-996, and given the loud engine noise in that car, found it a...
  17. I888I

    Alea yacta est. the dice has rolled…

    Thank you! * For home charging, 7kW or max 11 kW is indeed enough, unless there is a specific reason to charge faster. The 22kW option gives flexibility in hotels etc… * The plan is to start with the Porsche Solution, with the Mobile charger Connect, and see how that goes. It’s a neat box and...
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    Taycan Secret Tips and Functions

    Not sure, depends on the market, I had to pay €64 extra for that “option”…
  19. I888I

    Potential 4S owner...

    yes it’s a 2000 kg 14 m3 steel and aluminium mastodont, but the 598 Hp, surround view (Park assist) and all wheel steer (RAS) make it very agile. In reality it feels nimble, swift and flexible, full of tricks to keep the driver happy… And «happy» is what matters, isn’t it?