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  1. Covid-19 - are you cancelling?

    Domin1720, I hope you have a speedy recovery.
  2. Received my Taycan 4S in UK!

    Congratulations Dawes. It is great to hear some Taycans got delivered before the lockdown. Enjoy :cool:
  3. Taycan GT1 Concept

    I’m not a fan of their concept. It kind of makes the Taycan have a face! Instead of a Japanese happy face that some vehicles have, my stupid brain makes me see a reptilian face, such as a snake (fog lights are two front fangs)!!
  4. Covid-19 - are you cancelling?

    Agree, definitely sounds like fake news. .... just like the messages on Facebook saying 5G has caused the virus! :facepalm:
  5. Official: Porsche stops production due to coronavirus

    Apart from supply problems, the demand for main stream cars had globally dropped off. Therefore the likes of VW, Ford etc would want to avoid adding more to their current unregistered stock pile. I also read somewhere that the Audi eTron production has drastically slowed down because the Taycan...
  6. My 4S delivered this Thursday

    My understanding (newbie too so might be wrong) is that consumption is calacuated on the amount of energy used for every 100km. So the Taycan Turbo has around 93kWh battery of which approx 83kWh is usable. A consumption rate of 21.4 kW per 100km = 83 / 21.4 is around 388km range or 241 miles.
  7. Porsche has 'extremely good ideas' for future Taycan versions

    Sounds like the electric cayman, no doubt they will limit the performance though. I reckon a Taycan 4 and GTS will be announced sometime FY21. So the turbo S will remain the top car for foreseeable future.
  8. Silver or Black window trims with Volcano - which do you prefer?

    I honestly don't mind the silver trim on darker colours, there are quite a few dark cars with silver trim around where I am. Saying that, my black macan has black trim! ... thinking about it more, I would no doubt choose black with volcano grey. All I can say is I'm thankful my build is locked...
  9. Silver or Black window trims with Volcano - which do you prefer?

    On this colour I actually like both!! Right now, I'm leaning towards the silver.
  10. Porsche Taycan UK launch event cancelled

    Nope, hadn't even crossed my mind.
  11. Cancellation of Taycan Launch Events

    Coronavirus strikes again! :(
  12. Porsche Experience Centre Silverstone

    It's included. PM slot offers lunch and afternoon tea. However, the breakfast is way better than the tea!
  13. Porsche Experience Centre Silverstone

    For anyone who hasn't been, go for the AM slot. You can have a nice breakfast and also lunch :cool:
  14. 4S options - what have you picked?

    No - I'm confident the chassis will be awesome without it No - I did consider this option, but went for just power steering instead (tight parking or cornering isn't a problem around where I live). No - Not needed imho No - I was tempted but decided to put money elsewhere.
  15. Porsche Experience Centre Silverstone

    Looks like PECS has Taycans and they are now accepting experience days as of next week! I've just booked mine for 25th! Hopefully it will be a sunny morning!
  16. U.K. Owner and delivery date list

    4S, Carrara White, Silverstone, Late April Also, my brother has one too. 4S, Carmine Red, Silverstone, Late April
  17. Finally ordered

    Long time ago, we had letters of intent when it was the Mission E and then paid our deposits on the day the Taycan was revealed.
  18. Finally ordered

    Congrats Mak, I've got my 4S with Silverstone with an ETA of April,...perfect timing to go with the new BIK :cool:.