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  1. GENTIAN BLUE Taycan Club

    Glad you said it, but I was thinking it.
  2. Taycan Turbo Factory Pickup Right Before Coronavirus Shutdown

    Nice car! Sorry, for a newbie, I'm hoping you can expound on these 2 statements:built-in 22kW charger delayed a few months (not only because of Corona) .... and I also got some informations from Porsche Exclusive : Glacier Ice Blue "Porsche" at rear (with Welcome function) not possible to order...
  3. Chrono Required for Launch Control on 4S?

    Awesome. Thanks very much!
  4. 4S with US delivery to Houston is not yet on boat

    Thanks very much, I missed that.
  5. Chrono Required for Launch Control on 4S?

    Hi, I have 4S that's been built, but not delivered. I've been told that without the Chrono package, I don't get launch control. The Good to Know doesn't say anything, and Turbo and Turbo S come with Chrono (I think). Does anyone know if Chrono is required/if it's true for the 4S?
  6. 4S with US delivery to Houston is not yet on boat

    I found out that my 4S to be delivered through the Houston Port is not yet on the boat, unlike the lucky folks on the east 3 coast. Given the current worldwide circumstances, this is hardly important, but I assume anyone else taking the first delivery through Houston is in the same boat...
  7. Another Taycan 4S was delivered on Friday, 6. March in Switzerland

    This looks almost identical to my order...which is currently waiting to ship in Germany. :( Do you have your build sheet?
  8. My 4S delivered this Thursday

    Thank you. That's very helpful.
  9. Official: Porsche stops production due to coronavirus

    Also wondering what this will do to pricing of shipped cars - one way or the other.
  10. My 4S delivered this Thursday

    Thank you. However, as I am a newbie, what would this calculate out if you used the whole battery?
  11. My 4S delivered this Thursday

    I would love an update (ideally in English, S'il vous plait), on the mileage you are getting when you have a moment.
  12. Taycan 4s April delivery

    My delivery date has not changed since it's original change from April to May, even though it shipped several days early, which is odd.
  13. Taycan 4s April delivery

    So, I don't know if they are getting more efficient or trying to beat Corona-induced second thoughts (or both), but yours took 3 weeks to build. Apparently, mine took 2. Anyone else have a similar update?
  14. 4S EPA Numbers?

    Shouldn't this be out by now? The Turbo came out pretty quickly after the Turbo S. Did I miss it? These cars are on the boat already.
  15. Question about "Porsche" logo in back of car

    Thanks for letting me know. Seems like a waste of the logo.
  16. Question about "Porsche" logo in back of car

    I have been in this car, and seen it multiple times. However, I have not been able to ascertain if the white Porsche logo lights up when the lights are on, or otherwise. Does anyone know?
  17. Taycan 4s April delivery

    Thanks very much. Using the same time, it should be done a week from Friday.
  18. Taycan 4s April delivery

    Do you know how long it took from going in the shop to shipping? Mine started last week.
  19. Taking One Lap of the Country in my Taycan Turbo - 10k miles in 6 weeks Cross-Country Journal

    Question about finger prints. When I test drove the Gentian Blue, I noticed a healthy amount near the handles and trunk. Not sure if there were there, my hands were atypically oily, or something else. How do you see this car and fingerprints?
  20. My Taycan 4S delivered in Germany

    Thanks very much.