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  1. 2024 Taycan Cross Turismo Turbo Price Question

    Hey! I see everybody posting different discounts on 2024 models since the 2025 models are coming in. I haven't leased a Porsche since 2017 which was a much different time LOL! At the time I got 15% of my brand new Panamera with no issue(It was a current year model, not leftover). I have been...
  2. GTS range

    Just picked up my GTS sports turismo and the range is way lower than what I'd expect. On 100% I'm getting 233miles. Is it meant to improve with charging cycles?
  3. GlowRed

    Porsche Taycan GTS Certificate of Conformity (CoC) Incorrect

    I have received a letter from Porsche GB stating that the Certificate of Conformity for my car is incorrect. The consumption and range information of the car is incorrect. I have not been happy with mileage achieved in my GTS. Has anyone else had the letter and what is the outcome?
  4. 16 months, 5 days later... Taycan GTS ST. Volcano Grey delivered

    I understand the rule is that without pics, it never happened? Here they are :) and a few thoughts 48 hours into ownership... (in no particular order) It's LOW! may have already scraped the underside front wheel deflectors a couple of times. And in scenarios where I never imagined I would...