1. tigerbalm

    Taycan to Lofoten Islands, Norway (Follow Our Trip Report)

    Introduction After much drama with a DC failure of our Taycan Turbo S – it was fixed with one day to spare before we head off on our latest winter road trip to Norway. We have completed our planning and leave early tomorrow morning on a ferry to the United Kingdom – the first of six...
  2. tigerbalm

    Taycan to the Alps 18-day road trip 2022

    Introduction After a challenging trip to Scandinavia in February, 2022 – this one will be a little calmer – with more two day stop-overs and some overlap with our first road-trip in 2021. Our planning has been completed and we get underway at an early 06:00 tomorrow morning. We won't...
  3. IRL

    2,500km family roadtrip - Dublin (Ireland) to Athens (Greece) - in a Taycan 4S.

    TL;DR: It can be done, it's fantastic, do it. This Taycanforum was a great resource for me when buying my Taycan so I thought I would share my experience of doing a roadtrip in it across Europe, in the hope that some of it will help someone. The trip did take some planning and preparation, and...