Almost a year into ownership, I use my first public charger - didn't turn out as smooth as I hoped, but OK


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Sep 9, 2022
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Voorhees, NJ
2022 Taycan
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Next month I celebrate my one year anniversary with my Taycan RWD (love the car BTW) and took my first trip that required me to charge away from my home charger. I live in New Jersey (USA) and drove to Mclean, Virginia to visit friends last weekend. The trip was somewhat uneventful and I was very impressed with the driver assistance helping the whole way down to VA - especially through the several traffic back-ups we hit. The NAV was great at warning me of the traffic jams and they appeared precisely where it said they would be and the time in them was also accurate. All along the trip, it predicted a 20 minute backup in the DC area which it typical. However, when we were about 30 miles away from this jam-up, the NAV said it was no longer there. When we arrived on the merge into 270 on the beltway, sure enough, we were sitting in the previously predicted back-up. . . . curious, I thought. Even sitting in the jam, the NAV did not show it. Soon after breaking out of that jam, we arrived at our destination with 70 miles of range to spare.

The next morning, I planned to find the closest EA charge station (Since this was my first attempt to use a public charger, I wanted to make sure all was compatible and I still qualify for a free 30 minutes). When I went to use the My Porsche App to find the station, it could not communicate with the car (which was right out front of the house). No matter what I did, I couldn't get the App find the car - and it was showing the car's status from the previous day. I went out to the car and brought up the NAV on the PCM and found the EA station close by. I noticed that the PCM wasn't showing the "LTE" icon - probably why the app wouldn't talk to the car?? On the way home, the NAV took me directly to the charger (inside an indoor parking garage at a Mall). I plugged in, it recognized my car/account and 30 minutes later we were on our way back home.

I probably should have stayed another 10 minutes as my predicted charge at my destination (home) was below 25% so the NAV was identifying charging stations I could go to the entire ride home (not a problem) and, when I was close to home, it tried to get me to go instead to a charging location. I got home fine and plugged into my garage charger.

Even with the hiccups, the trip was a success and I feel so much more confident going away from home in the future. Plus, the Taycan is a joy to drive on the expressways in, or out, of traffic. I'm not sure when I'll have my next opportunity to go on an extended trip, but I will be much more relaxed with the charging plan.