Anyone do a track day with their Taycan?


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Nov 18, 2019
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Portsmouth UK
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How did you find the battery temperature? I’ve now attempted two track days at Goodwood in my Turbo S as they have installed some chargers, the car performed brilliantly for 3-4 laps then the battery got too hot at the car cut the power and ended the session prematurely.

I then spent most of the time waiting for the battery temperature to drop low enough to have another go and I only managed to get four sessions during the day because of this.

I found it very frustrating and don’t think I’ll try it again.
I've now done two track days at Goodwood. I absolutely love the track. Admittedly, it been about 10 deg C but I have had no real problems with temperature. The cut off point is 55 deg C and I usually stay below 50 deg C. I find putting it on charge cools it down pretty rapidly; back down to 30s in about 20 mins.

I even let my instructor have a go. He lapped everything on the track at least once. It was about 52 deg C by the time we got the chequered flag.

My problem is tyres at Goodwood. Because it is mostly right handers the front passenger tyre takes a real beating. On my third set in 12,000 miles!

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