CT 4S Road Trip Range - my basic GO-BY


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Jul 3, 2021
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Note: For experienced EV’ers nothing new here :)

Whilst day to day is more than covered by home charging for me, when I start longer trips I will use this simple go-by for setting up leg lengths. Fully appreciate a ton of range threads out there but a LOT to go through for Newbies :)

Performance Plus 93.4 kWh batery = 83.7 max. usable kWh
(Your car may differ)

The CT’s reported real world max. range estiamtes exceed reported EPA ranges (numerous sources) and vary between 220-270, more typically IME a max. range between 225-250 miles for the 4s with Perf. Batt. Plus (my car).

Fully realize some have stretched this out to 300+ but usually 19” wheels, full range mode and other elements that do not apply to me so I simply do not expect to see this in my personal vehicle (a little disappointing but thats OK!).

So for usable battery power in a generic CT this gives the following 'ideal' range estimates (numbers rounded to nearest mile):

300 Wh/mi = 279 miles
325 Wh/mi = 258 miles
350 Wh/mi = 239 miles
375 Wh/mi = 223 miles
400 Wh/mi = 209 miles

Worst case scenarios (I hope!):
425 Wh/mi = 197 miles
450 Wh/mi = 186 miles

Obviously again, these ranges are closer to ideal conditions meaning battery temp is generally optimal, minimal head wind/elevation gains etc. etc.

Now if I add in my upgrades like 21” wheels, summer tyres, electric charge port cover etc, these can easily reduce this range estimate by 10% or more!

This is why I set my ‘ideal conditions’ max. range at around 240 miles +/- 5% and will plan longer road trips accordingly. Significant weather, elevation and other factors like a full load etc. would lower this max. range estimate further.

An example:

For me this means that I should never plan any single leg in ideal conditions to be over 200 miles if starting with a SoC of 100% and realistically less than 180 miles.

This is based on the assumption that I’d never want to arrive at a destination (hotel or charger) with less than 15% SoC (36 miles of local range at 350 Wh/mi) i.e. based on a 100% SoC range of 240 miles (as above), then usable max. range is now 15% less at 204 miles - hence the 180-200 mile leg, the lower number being conservative allowing a buffer for other range limiting factors/unexpected events.

If my initial SoC is say 85% and I still want to have 15% at my destination, this now gives an ideal single max. leg range of 168 miles (again assuming a 350 Wh/mi average efficiency) - and so on.

(Dep. Soc - Arr. Soc) * 240 = max leg range. Example (.85-.15)*240 = 168.

So when using ABRP or similar I have these numbers in mind should I wish to customize it’s predictions.

You can (and many have) of course be far more technical/scientific in your approach but this for me is a pretty easy go-by that I susepct replicates most folk’s experiences.

Again nothing new here but possibly helpful to some :)