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I am amazed to be posting a 2019 article, but I don't see it posted elsewhere and it has the cdA for the Taycan. I was curious about it after reading the Lucid Air prototype has a cd of 0.21 and responses ask about cdA. This article has a good collection of specs from the September Announcement.

Everything you wanted to know about Porsche’s new electric car
ARS Technica

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Despite the tight aerodynamic packaging and the need to fit the battery pack within the car, it's not a tight squeeze for the occupants of a Taycan. Up front, the driver and passenger have a very 911-like seating position, although the hip-point is slightly higher than in the iconic coupe. We already took a look at the interior a couple of weeks ago, but I'll reiterate that it's a design that manages to be quintessentially Porsche while also feeling extremely futuristic, thanks to touches like the cowlless main instrument panel in front of the driver and an attractive new cockpit UI. The rear seats are almost as pleasant a place to sit, with voids designed into the battery pack to provide room for the rear footwells (Porsche calls these spaces "foot garages," but there's no reason the rest of us should.)
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