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Dec 30, 2019
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SF Bay Area, USA
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I must say that I have only had my Taycan for a few days and I enjoy it very much.

While leaving my pickup from Porsche Experience Center I already tried InnoDrive on LA Freeways.

I thought it was pretty good. When I got to 101 (a main California artery) I and my wife were a bit annoyed as it had some map issues with speed limit changes that I could not see evidence of as well as picking up speed signs that were not really in effect at that time. You can easily set your speed above the speed limit; however, every time InnoDrive sees a new speed limit it would change to that limit exactly (you cannot add an offset). It does this change somewhat quickly and its not enjoyable, especially when you do not want to change the speed at all. You can simply re-speed up and press the Short Stalk forward to reset speed, but its is a hassle.

Solution, disable Speed Sign Recognition in some rather hidden menus.
I have made a video showing the setting changes and a demonstration passing a school zone on a Sunday when it was not in effect.

Note: InnoDrive will still slow down for cars in front, stop signs, steep turns, assumed cross traffic. I am OK with all of that so far.

Hope you find the video useful.