My impressions after a week…and some tips'n'tricks?


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Apr 6, 2020
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Taycan TS, GT4 (sold), Macan Turbo, Cayman SBE 987.18
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30km/h on my down hill is way too fast.
No problem - use Adaptive Cruise Control to slow down for traffic! You are referring to a traffic problem right? :)

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Oct 26, 2020
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United Kingdon
Taycan Turbo (MY21)
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The car is incredible, handling is astounding, finish quality is perfect.

It can go from house cat almost napping (when my wife is driving) to a cheetah chasing it’s prey.

Handling on snow is as good as my Land Rover Discovery Sport (as long there is not 30 cm snow???), the only thing that I miss is the Hill Descent Control.

Consumption is quite funny it goes from -32 kW/100 km (when I go downhill to catch my train, up to more than 120 kW/100 km when I go back home “Porsche” style.

It’s nice to warm the car before you leave, don’t forget that it drains clearly the battery (around 5% for me when set temperature is 22°C and outside temperature is 0°C)

Some experiences on various topics:

Sport chrono
I choose it in my configuration to have the knob, but riding the car a week I thought the clock really belong there and it’s very convenient to read the time? as with my actual seat/wheel setting I don't see the time from the instrument cluster

When I did my test drive with I found it quite unhandy. But when I did ride home back after pick-up I had 2 ½ hour ride I had all the time to get my hands on and find it fine enough .

Favorites from Navigation
I wanted to change the name of the favorites and it was only possible on the web site from Porsche Connect. It was not possible within the android app nor in the car.

Address book from phone
Strangely I got every entry twice?, did not find why... Maybe the calendar app (currently it's my google account which is synchronised) I still have to find out.

Play songs from USB
When I did played songs from an “artist” the play order was without logic, when you play it out of folder it work well. Did anyone knows if PCM accept playlists or if there is a workaround when you select an artist that the PCM play songs in order, album after album. Update, it accept playlist (*.m3u) I generated it with placed it on the root of the USB and it worked flawlessly.

By starting the car again the next day it started where it was in the playlist.

Has anybody achieved to play music from USB with speech recognition?

Scrolling around music files
I found that if your browsing from files and folders then you have the usual

But if you browse from Artist or other mp3 tag related "sorting" then appear a scroll bar on the right where you can at least choose a letter.

Comfort access
As other I found that it doesn’t work all the time to unlock the car, sometime yes (most of time) – sometimes no.
The trunk opening with the foot is quite unreliable, I think when the car is already open it works better.
I did not find a way to have an automatic lock of the car when you leave it. Anbody ?

Very nice, I see it as a “safety” feature as you don’t need to have a look at your dashboard (I look at my dashboard only when I get in to have the battery information).

Night vision assit
Very useful, helped me to avoid a deer (I live uphill in the mountains)

Works fine on motorways, on smaller road it's another story.... You have to be careful if you choose not to follow the route indicated by the GPS (e.g. you continue following the main road when the GPS have choosen a right turn, as the car will slow down frankly to prepare for the right turn).

A litlle bit awkward to get to plug the USB-C devices, as with the armrest open it come in the way of my arm

Front trunk
Just perfect for my weekly grocery shopping:CWL::CWL::CWL::CWL::CWL:. Love it!
I know what u mean about the armrest! I am surprised nobody else has mentioned it to date! It’s completely useless and whoever designed it should be sent back to school! Mine is a right hand drive and have it in mind to check next time I am at OPC to check if I had a left hand drive cars armrest! Gets in the way so I never use it!
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