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Jun 30, 2021
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Bay Area, CA
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Ice grey was my favorite for awhile - slightly more silver than white, but less silver than silver (which seems to be the color of every 2nd or 3rd car in the universe). Ultimately, however (with input from wife), I decided that if I wanted something that close to white, I should just get white (i.e., get as close to the original Mission E as possible). However, we decided we didn't want to do that because:
  1. Seattle has rain about 9 months of the year, so white or black always look dirty unless you wash them constantly; :confused:
  2. About half of the Taycans I've seen around here (including my immediate neighborhood!) are white, whereas I've never seen a Cherry on the road; and
  3. Having seen Cherry in person (on a 911 Targa), I can tell you that it is a beautiful color! :involve:
So I (by which I of course mean we) went back to Cherry, which was the color we picked over a year ago when we first looked at all the available colors. I also like Gentian Blue, but 3 of our last four cars were blue (including our current Land Rover), so she nixed that immediately.

If it was just me, I'd probably pick a wild custom color...but in the interest of marital bliss... :angel:
Same reaction for me and my wife when we saw 911 Targa heritage edition in cherry metallic. Beautiful color! We were initially settled on Neptune blue with Ice grey as the 2nd option. I wasnt impressed with the neptune blue when I saw it at the dealer then saw the Targa in cherry metallic and decided on the spot to go with that color. Recently I saw Neptune blue again in PECLA and it looked good. May be different light setting. I am happy with Cherry metallic :)