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Oct 24, 2021
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Cayenne E-Hybrid (ordered Taycan CT Turbo/4S)
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The Panamera ST plug-in was on my short list last time and it really failed on width - I wouldn't be able to open the doors in any of the car parks I use (and the Taycan is as bad, sadly) but the options cost to get the things I wanted which were standard on cheaper alternatives I found so intensely annoying I couldn't bring myself to buy it.

It was a close thing with the Taycan too but it is the only car fulfilling my requirements, the alternative is to wait a few more years to see what others come up with.

So far it is almost all SUVs :( which I detest having spent my whole career on aerodynamics.
I'd have rather had my Cayenne E-Hybrid in Panamera form, but the latter's additional length would have made it impractical to park in my garage, and also at the time I was catering for 90yo relatives who are no longer with us, and having recently undergone open heart surgery I felt safer in an SUV. But now, I'm ready to throw caution to the wind while saving the planet 😁

Re the expense of Porsche options- it's even more painful at resale time with their typically much lower % residuals than the base car itself. Because of that, and the higher base % residual of the Turbo due to its rarity, I reckon that- assuming 3 years of ownership- my 4S with £15k options might be less than £5k cheaper than a Turbo built to a similar spec. Of course, the rarity of the Turbo, while helping its residuals, also means an even longer wait to get one built.