Featured Hennessey Announces Plans For Tuned Taycan

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    via https://www.topgear.com/car-news/electric/porsche-taycan-will-be-hennesseys-first-ever-tuned-ev

    The Porsche Taycan will be Hennessey’s first ever tuned EV

    September 24, 2019

    Having supercharged and boosted everything from pick-up trucks to Corvettes (to cupholders, no doubt), Hennessey Performance is now planning on entering the shiny new world of electric cars.

    Yes folks, the Texan tuner is going to modify its first ever fast EV – the Porsche Taycan.

    “We’ve been planning to do something with electrified vehicles for a while now,” explains HPE boss John Hennessey. “We felt that the new Porsche Taycan was the right platform from which to modify our first EV.”

    Hennessey will get a new Taycan at some point next year, and the first round of mods will include wheels, tyres, interior upgrades and more aggressive front and rear bumpers. “After that,” John adds, “we will see what might be possible in terms of adding more power.”

    Yes. More power. Let us take this moment to have a little recap. The Porsche Taycan produces the equivalent of 625bhp from its front and rear motors combined, which is already not-slow. The Turbo S (yeah, us neither), in Sport mode, gets an overboost function which bumps up the power to 761bhp.

    That means the Taycan is already capable of otherworldly performance. Porsche quotes 0-62mph in 2.8secs for the very fastest iteration, and 0-125mph in under 10 seconds. See? Not-slow.

    Hennessey is unperturbed. “Nearly all of our clients still want raw, powerful ICE engines,” he says. “But some of them have begun to add an EV to their collections for daily driver duties.

    “We don’t want to reinvent the wheel in the electrified market, we just want to make it roll a little faster and cooler.”

    Watch this space.

    hennessey-porsche-taycan-2.jpg hennessey-porsche-taycan-3.jpg hennessey-porsche-taycan-1.jpg
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    Nice one!

    What power figure will they bump it up to?

    Also I hope that the body modifications aren't too wild, though lowering the ride height slightly wouldn't go amiss
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    I like those wheels...

    Not being a real fan of the stock/optional Porsche wheels... do you think "standard" (non aerodynamic..) wheels will absolutely kill the range?

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