4s cross turismo

  1. pnw-ev-nerd

    Roast my 4S CT build!

    My build slot freezes in a little over a week so I'm eager to hear feedback from Taycan drivers. Like, if anything on here is a complete waste of money (moreso than buying a car like this in the first place :P), or if I'm omitting something I should absolutely put on there. I'm not 100% sure on...
  2. ciaranob

    A 2022 Cross Turismo 4S: From Order to Delivery to Mods

    By my SA Jake of Porsche North, Houston, TX - sneaky - taken while I was paying for this beast :)! Thought I'd set up a thread to post all my future mods to my 2022 CT 4S. Some of these will have to happen in Jan-Feb 2022 (supply chain issues). Timeline Order placed on July 7th, 2021...