1. sotiris

    Pirelli vs Michelin - New Tyres Dilemma!

    Hello, everyone! So, my Taycan Turbo has breached the 20.500km (done from august 2020 - august 2022) milestone and it seems that the time has come to change the tyres. My factory tyres were the Pirelli P Zero PZ4. Loved those tyres in every way, no problems whatsoever. I have seen many people...
  2. Adrian@GlasWerksDMV

    Frosty Ocean God: Neptune Blue Taycan Wrapped With STEK DynoMatte PPF!

    Good Evening everyone, Just want to share a recent Turbo S we had the chance to makeover. Not sure if the owner is on here or not but he's a pretty great client with numerous P cars and additional vehicles. 2022 Taycan Turbo S in Neptune blue STEK DynoMatte full body PPF install (All bulk no...