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  1. LukeManning

    Ask a Porsche Dealer Anything

    Hello everyone! Some fellow members asked me to create a "Ask a Taycan Dealer Anything" thread on the forum. My name is Luke, and I am the Taycan Specialist/Sales Experience Manager at Porsche Grapevine in Grapevine, Texas (Dallas/Ft. Worth area). I have been to two separate Taycan training...
  2. Porsche Connect Update!

    Love the car, hate the poor implementation of the tech. We need critical mass of people to get Porsche to listen and send updates OTA. Otherwise they will continue to ignore all the glitches and rely on the positive press (no review seems to mention how poor their tech is, wonder why!). I am...
  3. ron_b

    Taycan 4S Review by Owner, Compared to 911 and Tesla X

    Though the title looks like a comparison video, it's mostly a review with only a few min on Tesla and Porsche 911. This guy owns a 911 and a Targa so is a Porsche enthusiast. YouTube FIRST Porsche Taycan 4S Review by Owner! Taycan v 911 v Tesla X MDCShoots
  4. D Wray's Garage

    Our journey to ownership...

    I realize the great risk in putting this video in front of this expert crowd but I think the videos and content will be better and better with all of your insights and opinions. I also promoted the forum in the video to help our group swell further. Let me know what I need to put in the future...