1. leewad72

    Voodoo Blue PTS Taycan Turbo S delivered!

    Very happy with the finish product!

    2023 Taycan Turbo ST in Acid Green PTS is delivered

    Following my last post, my Taycan is finally in the UK. I haven't collected it yet as it's at Topaz to get PPF'd with a satin finish. Seeing the paint in person, I have to say that the acid green PTS looks even better than I thought. Shamelessly share my Tiktok video of the car here:

    Dec 2022 Delivery - Turbo ST, East London Porsche Centre

    After months' waiting, today I finally got the production photos! :eek: Hopefully I'll get her before Christmas :fingerscrossed: (It'll be PPFed with a matte finish before collection, so will actually never see the factory paint :rolleyes:)
  4. Paint to sample - any photos of Oslo blue or turquoise please?

    Hi I’ve ordered my 4s but finding it really difficult to find accurate photos of paint to sample. I’m looking for a car that is close to teal which the Oslo blue might be but I might be safer with turquoise? Grateful for any photos that you might have…. Thanks in advance