1. mikeva

    Report on a trip to VIR for a track day

    I wanted to take my new Taycan RWD down to VIR from the Richmond VA area for a track day. This report details a bit of the 'range issues' as well as putting the car on the track. First of all, it is a 2021 Taycan RWD with the base battery, steel suspension, 20" wheels and Continental all...
  2. isacumi

    How to charge inmediately and STOP up 80 % automatically.

    Hi guys! Here a little trick.... I was wondering myself how to do a DIRECT CHARGE and stop up 80 % automatically. Is it possible?¿ YES! How to recharge up to 80% automatically. The taycan does not allow to automatically stop a direct recharge at 80% (or any other percentage) but here you...