taycan 4s

  1. How to identify small vs large battery in Taycan 4s?

    How can I know if a Taycan 4s is equipped with the small (Performance) or the large (Performance Plus) battery? a)Is the total capacity of the battery visible somewhere on the Infotainment screen? b)I understand the trunk is smaller with the large battery. Anyone has pictures showing the...
  2. Gleb

    Rear Diffuser Carbon for 4S

    Hey guys, is anyone have experience with upgrade body parts from Turbo to 4S? I want to install Carbon REAR DIFFUSER Spoiler from the turbo. Already find a part number: 9J1807521A and is available for order. I'm not sure if it fit 4S Any thoughts?
  3. robborover

    Quick 4S Review - 4 1/2 days in :-)

    Let me start by saying, it's constantly putting a smile on my face and generally has been superb so far. As my car is on a company basis I didn't spec tons of options but impressed with the standard features in comparison to other Porsche's we have had and currently own: Love the driving, the...
  4. MaKin

    Your thoughts on the RWD Taycan coming 2021?

    What do you guys think? I was planning to replace my Macan S (2019) for the Taycan 4S but now I am holding back to see what Porsche's got up its sleeves with the RWD Taycan. I was actually planning to drift for an hour non-stop so they caught me today. :CWL: Rear-wheel drive, lighter, less...
  5. ron_b

    Taycan 4S Review by Owner, Compared to 911 and Tesla X

    Though the title looks like a comparison video, it's mostly a review with only a few min on Tesla and Porsche 911. This guy owns a 911 and a Targa so is a Porsche enthusiast. YouTube FIRST Porsche Taycan 4S Review by Owner! Taycan v 911 v Tesla X MDCShoots
  6. Laish

    Anderson Charger - Stuck at 3.7KW

    Does anyone else have the Anderson charger. When I first used it it was stuck at 3.7KW charging rate. A quick help chat with anderson and they remotely configured the unit and it went to the expected 11KW. I was happy. Today I have plugged in and its back to 3.7kw. Another online chat with...
  7. SHN

    My pictures and experience with my Standard White 4S+

    Sorry, for my delayed posting. When you get your hands on a Taycan, you will never let go:) I took the delivery on Wednesday after a long wait. Since then I have been driving daily and I had a few hours trips this Weekend. The Taycan has lot of features that I am still learning. I had the...
  8. Porsche Taycan Prices and Model Names Allegedly Confirmed, Including Turbo Pricing Above $130k

    Porsche has confirmed that it will be building 3 Taycan models: Porsche Taycan - Starting in the low $90,000 range Porsche Taycan 4S - Starting in the high $90,000 range Porsche Taycan Turbo - Starting over $130,000 Full article below. Porsche Taycan performance model could be named Turbo...