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    Have to change OTA module for 2nd time ! Last time two months ago.

    So the saga continues..... No info from Porsche or anyone with whom they work.... So I call my dealer again and they now inform me that Porsche has told them that the fix will not be available until August!! and the last time I called them (notice I all ways have to call them....) They said week...
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    Audi e-tron GT Sportback/Avant (Allroad)

    No, I think there is quite a lot of difference both in the visual and the driving experience of a GTI and the S3 and the Macan and the Q5 so they work. It became really flagrant in the Urus and the Q8 and even worse with the e-Tron GT and the Taycan. And in my opinion when you pay as much money...
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    Audi e-tron GT Sportback/Avant (Allroad)

    Traditionally I think you are right but since the advent of the Urus and the new Q8 and now the Taycan and the e-Tron GT I beg to differ. There just isn't enough differentiation between the cars to warrant a different name.... in my opinion. I also think that Porsche is going away from the...
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    Audi e-tron GT Sportback/Avant (Allroad)

    I think it’s sad that VAG is going to these lengths with badge engineering. :-(
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    iPhone 12 Overheating during wireless charging

    And my iPhone 12 mini does not charge at all..... :cool: guess the Qi protocol and the new magsafe protocol do not properly jive......... So some have over heating and for some there is just no charging......... oh well a little perturbing when I just went out and bought a wireless car-play...
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    Navigation just got so much better! A better Route Planner just released their new version 4.0.35 for iOS

    Got my Tronity subscription but my Porsche connect and PCM issues are still not fixed so i guess I just have to wait for a better day :)
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    2021 Audi RS e-tron GT Prototype Review

    I agree with some commentary that this car is virtually exactly as they presented the prototype. Which already then was an Audified Taycan...... Sadly it has not changed a single bit on the exterior. There is quite a lot of re-work on the interior though........ mostly for the better. :)
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    2021 Audi RS e-tron GT Prototype Review

    What has bums me out since the beginning is that Audi is not only using the skateboard of the Taycan but the whole roof structure and A, B and C pillars as well.... So the overall lines are identical...... That to me is too much badge engineering for cars that are this expensive... It feels like...
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    New video of Mark Webber driving the Cross Turismo(in French)

    Not a lot about the Taycan CT but a really nice episode of Turbo!
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    Porsche Taycan Color Change Wrap And Graphics! - West Coast Supercars and Classics

    Tanks for the mention. :cool: don’t quite get it why you buy a white and Wrap it gulf blue......... when it exists...... ?
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    issues locking the car after opening/closing the boot/trunk

    for me it happens every time I have folded the mirrors manually before I lock from the boot. Does not matter if I stand right by the car or begin to walk away. The key fob always in my left pocket......... I have auto fold on when locking the car.
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    windshield wiper

    Have another windshield wiper issue. Sometimes since about 2 weeks ago the wipers will stop at the end of their path and painstakingly try to pull back again for half the return rotation and then suddenly work as normal again..... Very bizarre but the car is going in at the end of Feb for...
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    issues locking the car after opening/closing the boot/trunk

    Have a different problem but similar. I have comfort access and if I have folded the mirrors manually before I lock the car from the boot button then the boot lid stops halfway on its way down... I have to pull it up and press the regular close button, close the lid and then press lock on the...
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    HomeLink programming problem - repeated signals

    Sorry for being late to the party.. I don’t think this is a home link problem..... I think it is a PCM problem. I have a MY20 and do get the menu for my different homelink locations even off road. But I do have another problem. That quite often I have to press the button several times before...