1. Adrian@GlasWerksDMV

    Frosty Ocean God: Neptune Blue Taycan Wrapped With STEK DynoMatte PPF!

    Good Evening everyone, Just want to share a recent Turbo S we had the chance to makeover. Not sure if the owner is on here or not but he's a pretty great client with numerous P cars and additional vehicles. 2022 Taycan Turbo S in Neptune blue STEK DynoMatte full body PPF install (All bulk no...
  2. jenzfc

    [Completed] Refinishing all the textured parts, front end for rock chips, then PPF

    Hey there, First of all I work for a high end collision center in the east bay area, so I know what I'm doing and I get crazy low prices as an employee. Well... here we go. I bought my Taycan Certified Pre Owned, 5k miles back in December, so it already had rock chips. So I decided to drive it...
  3. PPF + Ceramic (brands / dealers)

    Hi, I’ve been looking for PPF and ceramic coating for my Taycan 4S. Would ideally like to go for full car w/ Ceramic. My dealer (NYC) PPF (front) 3,695, full 8,000 Ceramic: 4600 + Wheel 1850 Now I’m willing to drive to save costs, because $15k is definitely out of my budget. I haven’t found...
  4. jvdsanden

    White Taycan CT or sedan, with XPEL(PPF) stealth front

    Do somebody have his white (or other color) Taycan CT of sedan done with a PPF stealth/satin full or partly front wrapping only? I think this looks great, but I would like to see it on a picture...
  5. MBChicago

    Front End Only vs Full Car PPF

    Hey Folks! Beginning my Porsche journey with the Taycan in a city with terrible roads all year around. Wondering how many of you did the the front end only vs the full car?
  6. North West England PPF

    Massively excited to be taking delivery of my new Taycan on Tuesday having learned from my dealer that PDI completed yesterday. Had been planning to take the vehicle to James Walker’s NVN London for full PPF but the worsening COVID situation here in the UK makes that unviable. Can anyone...