Mobile charger connect - do I need it?



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Jan 31, 2021
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hi. You are right to ask these questions. I wish I had. I have had an Anderson box fitted - great box, Outside weather proof (the Porsche one is not), great App, looks great, 7.4kwh.
I mistakenly had the Porsche charger connect plus cable and brackets and home energy manger on my order. The home energy manager was a complete waste (anybody want to buy it?). The connect plus charger cable is fine for a very slow charge top up - so I’ve kept that in the car in case I ever stay anywhere where there’s only a 3 pin plug option (UK based) to use. I’ve tried it plugged into my own wall socket and it gives about 2kwhr so very very slow, but worth having in case of no other option.
The public charger cable came FOC and is so far unused as every charger I’ve visited is so far tethered.
So in summary - Anderson box is great and highly recommended, Porsche connect plus cable (without buying the mounting box) is worth having, the public charger cable so far not worth it, but as it was free it’s no issue.
I also had the on board 150kwh charger thing and I’m still not sure if it was wise or not. My order was an early one, so the current options are different. Hope this helps. By the way, great car - you’ll love it.
Thanks Simon, you’ve summarised where I wanted to get to with this following my original post. Everyone has been most helpful. I’m a massive petrol head and this EV world is still a bit alien for me, given time I’m sure that’ll change.
Can’t wait to get it